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Ekotekt makes construction more eco-friendly with 3D printing

Ekotekt Ab was founded by Abhishek Kumar D. in 2021 as a Helsinki-based construction company. The company has many areas of focus such as robotics, digital fabrication, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, sustainability, housing, construction and more.

Focused mainly on addressing the three toughest challenges of the construction industry, namely labor shortage, cost and time overruns and CO2 emissions, the company provides affordable and environmentally-friendly 3D printed buildings and modular construction elements through robotics and automation.

According to Ekotekt, construction is responsible for 11% of total global CO2 emissions and 50% of materials used in Europe go into building houses. Besides, with more people moving into large cities, building material costs are also getting more expensive.

Today’s construction methods have a huge negative impact on the environment and it is not a sustainable business model.

With a team experienced in construction projects that has knowledge in this area, Ekotekt is bringing automation into the construction industry in order to solve this problem.

Creating a more sustainable future through more environmentally-friendly construction methods

The team of Ekotekt consists of four professionals with varying skill sets and a passion for creating a more sustainable future through innovative solutions.

Firstly, the founder and CEO of the company, Abhishek Kumar Devjibhai is an architect with over 15 years of experience in Scandinavia and India. With a very diverse background, Devjibhai is an expert of prefab and 3D printing in construction industry.

CTO of the company, Nilang Leua, is a structural engineer with more than 15 years of extensive experience of structural designs for various industrial, commercial and housing projects across US, EU and India.

Dhiraj Khot, the Chief Business Officer of Ekotekt, is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of over 17 years of launching new businesses, turnarounds and driving business growth.

Vatsal Shah, Head of Information Technology at Ekotekt, is a computer engineer with more than 8 years of experience in India and USA, working in data science.

With this experienced team that is full of passion for sustainability, Ekotekt’s solution to the negative impact of the construction industry on the environment is to provide affordable and environment friendly 3D printed construction and housing solutions

While giving design freedom to architects and designers with 3D printed building elements, the company’s building method also provides a reduction for up to 35% in material requirements.

Ekotekt’s collaboration with Helsinki

Ekotekt’s team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions around construction by using 3D printing in order to make the world a better place for all of us.

Today the company provides an alternative to traditionally constructed buildings with the use of 3D technology which enables the use of recycled materials in construction.

The company aims to first make a difference in its homebase, Helsinki, by reducing industrial waste such as steel slag from steel plants, fly ash from coal power plants and concrete from demolition sites. All these waste materials are used in its eco-friendly concrete.

Moreover, they aim to reduce material requirement with their construction projects, which can help the city reduce CO2 emissions.

Now Ekotekt plans to create Finland’s first environmentally-friendly 3D printed building as a pilot project in Helsinki.

As Ekotekt grows and expands in its field, it has joined the Urban Tech Helsinki program, which has been very good and very helpful for them.

Through the program, the team has received mentorship and networking. They also got the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs from the program and have learned a lot from them.

For their 2022 plans, Ekotekt team wants to do the pilot project and prove their technology with real numbers. Then, they are planning to expand into other Nordic countries.

In order to carry out their bold plans, the team is looking for board of advisors with experience in the construction industry.

This article is done in collaboration with ArcticStartup.