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urban development

a smart city is looking
for smart people

Around 70% of the global population is expected to live in cities by 2050. Cities will need efficient and sustainable solutions in transport, housing, public spaces and waste management. Can you help the future cities go green?

100 thousand

with earth cities, one world is enough for all

100 Thousand Million has a mission to design and build cities that are human-centered, nature-focused and sustainable at the core. Their technology and processes aim to create cities that will reduce resource consumption and change the way we live on this planet.

improving urban life with
smart property management

Avaa offers next generation property management for residential buildings. Their platform is the first in the industry to combine professional property management tools with building user services.
The platform also collects data on energy consumption and suggests the building users many ways to reduce their energy consumption.


design better cities
with big data

Citiscope uses real-time data to build social maps for more vibrant cities. The maps combine data on population, employment, business, mobility, consumption, sentiment, and tourism at the neighborhood level. The maps help private and public actors build better cities.


Digital Twin for Improved Safety and Functionality
of Indoor Spaces

Detectium enables early detection of fire and loss mitigation for businesses in indoor and outdoor facilities using a state-of-the-art sensor package coupled with data analytics, and 3D visualization.

locia solutions


Locia Solutions provides digital tools for urban planning, building and operating. Their key product is a cloud-based collaboration tool for cross-sectoral city planning – providing an up-to-date view on available service capacity and predicted future service demand in different city areas.


Linking situational awareness with decision-making

Missing-Link specializes in real-time local monitoring of wireless networks at different kinds of physical sites. With their Wise product family, customers can get real-time information about what kind of transmissions and devices are moving in their infrastructure. The collected data is used for example people flow, automation, space usage measurements, and social media.


Creating unique tenant experience

Komu Homes enables easier living for residents through an app that provides all services and information regarding their apartments. With Komu Homes, manager companies can improve their tenant experience and ease their customer service workload.

this could
be you

Urban Tech Helsinki offers a
possibility up to 12 months of
incubation, depending on your needs
and your progress in the program.

Next open call for startups in May 2024..