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urban farming

become a pioneer
of urban farming

What if you could solve global challenges from your backyard? Urban farming is a powerful tool to gain independence from global food production chains, and a tool for cities to becomemore self-sufficient. What’s your give-away to urban farming?


grow anything, anywhere

Blokgarden gives individuals the chance to join the smart farming revolution from their own backyard. They deliver easy-to-garden boxes to the user’s doorstep and instruct them on the plants’ care through a mobile app. Along this, Blokgarden is developing a new ecosystem for food production.

vis wood tech

start the green revolution

VIS Wood Tech creates revolutionary wood-based structures for construction and vertical farms. The scalable, active, and smart modules are the most energy efficient solution for vertical farms and can survive even extreme conditions. The technology is waiting for patent in the EU, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil and Australia.

this could
be you

Urban Tech Helsinki offers a
possibility up to 36 months of
incubation, depending on your needs
and your progress in the program.

3rd call opens in summer 2022.
Incubation starts in September 2022
at the Maria 01 startup campus.