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clean energy

let’s harvest
the winds of change

What if you could produce 100% clean energy locally? Renewable energy, smart grids and energy efficiency are vital for a sustainable society. Self-produced clean energy is becoming a major trend. Have you got the next big idea to produce clean energy?

eeneman ltd

energy control

Eeneman Ltd offers insight into energy efficiency utilizing weather forecasts, energy data and air quality. They provide AI-based tools for lowering carbon footprint, reducing costs and controlling building equipment.



Yourspace builds a platform accelerating the use of clean heating technologies. Their platform offers recommendations for both building owners and the energy industry, and connects them to encourage new clean energy investments.


Store low-price electricity at home

Nelinor’s GES ” Grid Electricity Storage ” is a Plug&Play home battery that stores electricity when the price is low and releases it back to cover appliance consumption when the price is high. Any unconsumed energy in the battery will get sold back to the energy company at a higher price. This will achieve savings anywhere between 50%-95%.

this could
be you

Urban Tech Helsinki offers a
possibility up to 12 months of
incubation, depending on your needs
and your progress in the program.

Next open call for startups in May 2024.