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Smart mobility


Future cities rely on sustainable and efficient mobility solutions. Urban mobility is revolutionized by the electrification of transportation, the use of mobility data and the rapid increase of mobility services. Are we closer to flying cars than we think?

4 the drivers

develop next-generation
autonomous driving

4 the Drivers makes manual controllers and cloud services for mobile robots and autonomous vehicles. Their service is the first ever commercial product specifically developed for this application, that also takes safety, useability, and sustainability into account.


Digitalising cycling
across Europe

Dashfactory makes cycling safer while digitalising traffic planning. Their award-winning dashcam includes distance measurement, GPS, Gyroscop, daytime running lights along with many other sensors. The anonymized data collected helps to identify danger points in cities and improves cycling infrastructure planning all throughout Europe.


take The next step in the
electrification revolution

Hidas accelerates the growth of electric transportation by making charging easier and more affordable. Their low powered (3,7 kW) Type 2 charging station has all the right features to disrupt the current markets of energy, infrastructure, and charging.


exceptional charging systems for everyday vehicles

HeyCharge merges electric vehicle charging with seamless, scalable customer experience. Their simplified and complete EV charging solutions make multi-user managing hassle-free from installing to invoicing.


safe, sustainable and structured sea transport

IOVuo develops hardware and digitalization systems for the maritime industry. Target markets being oil & gas terminals, offshore platforms, commercial ports and logistics companies, they aim for precising monitoring and preventing berthing damage.

urban radar

Decarbonize Urban Freight Through Data Driven Planning

Urban Radar helps cities decarbonize urban freight and simplify decision making in all aspects of city life. Their tailor-made insights include planning, infrastructure, capital investments, urban logistics, shared mobility and constantly making cities more livable.


Paying for city public transport- made easy

Skipit makes it easier for people to pay for public transport in multiple cities, building the world’s first digital public transport card. Skipit helps people skip the hassle of moving around a new city on public transport.

this could
be you

Urban Tech Helsinki offers a
possibility up to 12 months of
incubation, depending on your needs
and your progress in the program.

Next open call for startups in November 2024.