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What we do

Urban Tech Helsinki is an
incubator for clean and
sustainable urban solutions.

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what is urban tech helsinki?

Urban Tech Helsinki is an incubator dedicated to cultivating clean and sustainable urban solutions. Our mission is to empower visionary entrepreneurs like you to transform your ideas into thriving startups, with a keen focus on addressing the pressing issues faced by today’s cities.

Our aim is to foster innovative ideas into globally successful businesses. In Helsinki’s thriving startup ecosystem, we connect with corporate and investor partners who share our passion for sustainable urban solutions. We see addressing global urban challenges as a multi-billion euro opportunity that demands exploration.

Have a game-changing idea?

Let’s bring it to life.

get inspired on campus

Urban Tech Helsinki brings pre-incubation activities
to partner campuses. We organize bootcamps, innovation events and other research to business related activities. They offer the
opportunity to researchers, students, and staff to get
together to develop their business ideas and make
an impact.

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