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Urban Tech Helsinki

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What we do

Urban Tech Helsinki is an incubator for clean and sustainable urban solutions. We help you turn your business idea into a growth-oriented startup that focuses on solving the challenges of modern cities.

In close collaboration with the City of Helsinki, Urban Tech Helsinki brings together the best research from Finnish universities in Helsinki’s vibrant startup ecosystem. The participants get to test their solutions in Testbed.Helsinki as well as platforms and networks provided by other cities.

Our goal is to turn fresh innovations into successful, international business. We cooperate closely with large enterprises that invest in sustainable urban solutions. Solving global challenges is a business opportunity worth billions of euros – and it’s well worth taking.

Got an idea? We help you make it real.

Circular economy

The world is at the end of linear economy. Circular economy is rapidly becoming the norm in in energy production, construction, waste management and transportation, as well as at homes and workplaces. But there’s still much work to be done. Could the next ground-breaking solution be yours?

Smart mobility

Future cities rely on sustainable and efficient mobility solutions. Urban mobility is revolutionized by the electrification of transportation, the use of mobility data and the rapid increase of mobility services. Are we closer to flying cars than we think?

Urban farming

What if you could solve global challenges from your backyard? Urban farming is a powerful tool to gain independence from global food production chains, and a tool for cities to become more self-sufficient. What’s your give-away to urban farming?

Clean energy

What if you could produce 100% clean energy locally? Renewable energy, smart grids and energy efficiency are vital for a sustainable society. Self-produced clean energy is becoming a major trend. Have you got the next big idea to produce clean energy?

Urban development

Around 70% of the global population is expected to live in cities by 2050. Cities will need efficient and sustainable solutions in transport, housing, public spaces and waste management. Can you help the future cities go green?

Urban wellbeing

How do you live a good life in a city? Urban growth will require cities to put special emphasison quality of life. A healthy city provides high-quality housing and services, green spaces and sustainable solutions in transport. What’s your big idea for improving quality of life?

What’s in it for me?

Urban Tech Helsinki offers incubation periods between 12 to 36 months, depending on your startup’s needs

2nd call opens in early 2022.
Incubation starts in Spring 2022
at the Maria 01 startup campus.

What are we looking for?

In order to be accepted for the incubation program, you’ll have to have:

  1. An established company under 3 years of age
  2. A strong technology with a scalable business model
  3. MVP, proof-of-concept or a validated concept
  4. Team of technical and business-oriented founders and minimum of 2 FTE
  5. Willingness to commit to the incubation process in Helsinki, Finland, organised in a hybrid model online and onsite in 2022

What do we offer?

Urban Tech Helsinki offers flexible incubation periods from 12 to 36 months. The incubation gives you the chance to:

  • Contribute to smart, clean and sustainable city challenges by City of Helsinki
  • Connect to Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Metropolia UAS research, networks and infrastructure
  • Test your product in real environments on platforms and testbeds
  • Participate in matchmaking with RDI organizations and relevant corporations
  • Explore funding opportunities

What are the benefits for your startup?

  • Free-of-charge for startups with no equity taken
  • Flex desk membership at Maria 01
  • 1+1+1 year program at your preference
  • Up to 50 hours per year of coaching and training
  • Continuous feedback and guidance from city and university specialists
  • Access to more than 100 mentors from the Aalto Startup Center database
  • Access to startups tools, innovation development tools and methods
  • Visibility in Helsinki’s startup ecosystem and the program’s international collaboration network
  • Marketing and PR support

Not ready for incubation just yet? Not a problem. If you have an idea, you can always join our event on campuses and contact our Pre-incubation support partner NewCoHelsinki.

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Project Manager

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