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Mooova helps its customers buy second-hand and reduce nearly 50% of vehicle trips

Mooova was founded in 2020 in order to help people buy second-hand more easily and without too much hassle. It is a Stockholm-based company with aims to help people all across Europe with transporting stuff.

According to Mooova, 87% of people actually want to go for second-hand furniture, however they opt for a new one because buying second-hand requires lots of work.

Especially when it comes to moving the item and getting it home, it can definitely become a hassle.

Mooova’s app makes it possible for its users to simply snap a photo of the item they want to transport and set their own price for moving it.

Then, after a couple of minutes, they get to choose a “mooover” from the community to help them with the transportation.

Right now Mooova is run by a small team of 6 people who handle the business on all levels including backend, frontend and design areas.

They are all passionate about their product contributing great value to the society and making people’s lives easier.

Mooova works for a more sustainable future

The main thing that makes this innovative app attractive for its users is the ability to buy second-hand without having to go through all that hassle about transporting it.

However, this is not the only thing that Mooova achieves with its services. Also, the app is great for promoting circular economy, a car-free lifestyle and reduce unnecessary kilometers.

So, not only does Mooova makes people’s lives easier but it can also contribute to our environment.

By increasing the use of second-hand items, Mooova helps people make more use of a single item. In the process it is contributing to having less carbon emissions for a better planet.

Therefore we can say that Mooova is more than just a furniture transportation app, it is also an eco-friendly concept.

Mooova’s collaboration with Helsinki

Team of six people who run Mooova are in this project to help people get second-hand furniture more easily and to contribute to our environment in the process.

Now they are making it possible for their users to simply take a picture of the furniture they want to transport and find someone in the community who will help them with it.

With aims to expand and grow, Mooova has joined the Urban Tech Helsinki program in order to get access to more opportunities.

Thanks to the program, they received coaching, mentorship and guidance. Moreover they got access to great workshops and were able to connect with experts to discuss their problems and challenges.

For 2022, Mooova plans to grow faster in more European cities and to keep contributing to the society as well as to keep getting more financial support to achieve these goals.

In order to achieve these goals more effectively, the team is looking for business developers, collaboration partners within the second-hand segment and visionary European investors who will help them on their journey.

This article is done in collaboration with ArcticStartup.