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Spolia Design: Driving Sustainability in Construction Industry 

The genesis of Spolia Design can be traced back to a singular idea: the reduction of construction material wastage. This concept inspired the establishment of the company, which specializes in refurbishing and repurposing construction materials. Founded in 2020 and located in Espoo, Finland, Spolia Design is dedicated to designing and engineering environmentally friendly buildings and communities by promoting the reuse of construction materials and the revitalization of existing structures over new construction.

Spolia Design firmly believes that the construction industry has substantial room for improvement in terms of sustainability, spanning from material reuse to architectural and design considerations. By enthusiastically disseminating the message of sustainability and advocating the reuse of construction materials, they aspire to catalyze change throughout the industry. 

United by Possibility: A Team Committed to Change 

The driving force behind Spolia Design is a team of passionate individuals who share a common frustration with wasting potentially reusable construction materials. The team comprises two civil engineers and one architect, all united by a shared vision.

Their combined experience in civil engineering, architecture, project management, and construction industry knowledge positions them uniquely to drive change and provide concrete solutions for more sustainable construction. 

Sustainability at the Core of Business Operations

Sustainability is not a mere buzzword for Spolia Design; it is the compass guiding their business endeavors. With reusing at the heart of their operations, sustainability is integral to Spolia Design’s business strategy. They meticulously track their CO2 emissions and the volume of materials saved during the design and construction phases as metrics of their sustainability efforts. 

Spolia Design envisions making material reuse the industry standard as they firmly believe that true success in sustainability will be realized when these efforts are scaled up industry-wide. 

Looking Ahead: Spolia Design’s Vision for 2023 and Beyond 

As they look to the future, Spolia Design has clear goals for 2023 and beyond. They intend to focus on offering reuse products and structures for professional contractors and real estate owners. Recognizing the importance of securing funding to fuel their growth, the team remains unwavering in their commitment to spreading the message of sustainable construction and material reuse. Their participation in the Helsinki Business community has instilled in them the belief that the seemingly impossible becomes achievable when one’s determination knows no bounds. 

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