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Eeneman is promising 15% energy savings by BEE-Solution

Eeneman Oy was founded in Espoo, Finland in 2019 to help to build owners on their path to sustainability in the built environment by retrofitting buildings with BEE-Solution that brings 15% energy savings. Eeneman’s business idea is related to smart energy solutions, IoT, and big data. Eeneman can also deliver a Virtual Power Plant service and EV-charging controls. Eeneman’s multi-purpose service is smart and extendable. Customer need is based on new energy controlling capabilities, new revenue stream, consumption awareness, indoor air quality, and savings.

Eeneman team consists of co-founders Tapio Toivanen (CEO) and Surendra Marthala (CTO) who have worked together in startups for almost ten years, which enables them to establish healthy, open, and fluent communication. The two came to a realization that they have something to offer after making a lightweight market study on energy management in a built environment and thanks to their experiences in energy management in their earlier company. Their working methods and skill sets complement each other in an excellent way. So Tapio focuses on customers, customer requirements, sales, business development, and management while Surendra’s role is to work on solution development, development team management, and quality management.

Eeneman helps its customers in their journey towards sustainability and carbon neutrality

Eeneman is an energy management service provider that offers energy efficiency, lower carbon footprints, and cost savings. With Eeneman, owners can have additional revenue streams from demand-response and additional controls on things like their HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and AirConditioning) by using elements like electricity spot prices, weather forecasts, indoor air quality, and scheduling.

BEE-Solution integrates with Building Management System (BMS), reads energy consumption and indoor air quality data, and combines it in an AI engine with third-party data sources like energy grid data and weather data. AI-engine creates a forecast for the building and calculates control parameters that are delivered to BMS. Solution learns how a building reacts to control commands and weather changes and learns to control the building better. Eeneman’s dashboards depict the different data elements and KPIs.

To leverage the capabilities of their smart control approach, reliable forecasts are needed about the utilization of a building, e.g. it is crucial to accurately predict when rooms will be occupied or EVs will be charged. Therefore, the forecast engine is based on NeuralProphet, a state-of-the-art deep learning time-series forecast framework. By using our own model library of pre-trained models for different building types like offices or industrial buildings, they can speed up the implementation.

BEE Solution can deliver many impacts on the way to a more sustainable place. The solution leads to 15-20% energy savings through optimized control, a 10-20% increase in the use of renewables, and a combined 10-30% reduction in emissions, depending on the energy usage mix.

Urban Tech Helsinki offers professional help Eeneman explore funding opportunities

Eeneman joined the Urban Tech Helsinki program which offers many advantages that will give new businesses the opportunity to be one step ahead in the challenging business world. The program has helped the company with training and pitching, but especially in clarifying their business model and preparations for funding.

Eeneman aims to save energy, reduce emissions and shave energy peaks/shift energy consumption to renewables with the help of the control schedule which shifts energy usage towards renewables and minimizes the energy usage through a pro-active control. They also have a pilot ongoing with the City of Helsinki. They have estimated that in Helsinki at end of 205 the annual emission reductions would be over four kilotonnes of CO2 emissions.

At Eeneman, they are looking forward to having more interesting customer cases, increasing their turnover, and finalizing the first funding round. So they are looking for investors that can offer them not just funding but help in growing their business and preferably helping them to onboard more customers. Accordingly, Eeneman is holding an up-to-date hiring plan for the next couple of years.

To learn more about Eeneman, you can visit their website.