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Yourspace offers solutions for heating buildings to eliminate carbon emissions by up to 20%

Yourspace Oy is a Helsinki-based company that was originally founded in 2018. However, at the time, the company had a different direction and it was repurposed in 2021.

Basically, the company aims to speed up the decarbonization of heating of buildings. It does that by developing and providing a platform for different real estate stakeholders to understand the best possible solution for a heating system.

The company’s platform combines research knowledge, multiple different data sets, a complex algorithm, and the feedback data from the users.

Moreover, the offering that Yourspace makes aims to be beneficial for all parties involved. Firstly the company provides tools and support for the supply side, which is heat pump industry and district heating companies. Then it also aims at satisfying the end-user demand.

Just like in many energy-related industries, the heating of buildings is responsible for a huge chunk of carbon emissions today. With efforts such as this, we can feel hopeful about serious global issues such as climate change becoming more manageable over time. Aiming to lower carbon emissions in an industry that is responsible for a lot of it, the company is working towards a more sustainable future.

A passionate team working towards a better future

The team of Yourspace is made up of three professionals who studied at Aalto University. While working as a postdoc, Jussi, the current CEO of the company learned that more than 20% of CO2 emissions are related to the heating of buildings. Then with the sense of urgency to do something against climate change, the idea for the company was formed.

So, the company is quite committed to making the world a more sustainable place. As stated before, Yourspace aims to help decrease carbon emissions related to the heating of buildings. Since this mission is at the core of the company, it is focused on bringing about positive change in the world.

Now to start this journey, the company aims to first begin in its hometown, Helsinki, by helping users switch from burning fossil fuels to heat pump technology. As a result of this, the company aims to impact the city in a positive way by decreasing heating emissions by up to 90% with this technology.

Aside from this Yourspace has some preliminary ideas about collaborating with the City of Helsinki in their field. The team plans to share these ideas later on.

Yourspace and the Urban Tech Helsinki program

Along with its plans to collaborate with the City of Helsinki, the company has also started working with the Urban Tech Helsinki program in order to find support in its journey. With aims to focus more on the program, the team has recently started working full-time.

Although their experience in the program is relatively limited, they have received a good amount of support from it.

For 2022, Yourspace aims to increase its MRR as well as prospect VC funding possibilities in order to speed up its development and growth, with an international scope. Also, the company wants to start prospecting its first overseas client.

This article is done in collaboration with ArcticStartup.