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Get to know our partner Network!


KIRAHub, a unique ecosystem for digitalization of the built environment has been our key partner from the very beginning. Our startups benefit from the amazing co-working space at Urban 3 in Maria 01 startup hub, inspiring events of the ecosystem and making new connections. They also have a chance to showcase their solutions in the weekly streaming sessions and in three digital showrooms in the space. 

Teemu Lehtinen, CEO of KIRAHub is inviting new members to the ecosystem:

“The world of digital built environment has developed quickly, but the need for new data-driven solutions in b2b processes for better productivity and b2c services for better user experience is still there. We offer our support to Urban Tech Helsinki startups in networking, matchmaking, and our common goal in creating a sustainable built environment.” 

Urban Tech Helsinki startup Ekotekt has been part of the Urban 3 Showroom of Robotics in Built environment. Find more information here

“For Ekotekt, Kirahub has been a great platform for networking and finding opportunities. We have met industry experts, potential investors and peers from the industry. This has helped us to refine our strategy, understand the insider workings of industry and find inspiration. We at Ekotekt feel to be lucky to be part of the KIRAHub community!”  says Chief Business Officer Dhiraj Khot from Ekotekt. 


Helen is the second largest energy company in Finland, owned by the City of Helsinki. Helen energy production is awarded ad the most efficient in the world and the company has already done significant steps to become carbon neutral by 2030.  

Head of Energy system development Jukka Makkonen took part in Urban Tech Helsinki Winds of Change partner event in November 2022 and presented the opportunities for our startups. “Distributed and integrated energy system is the key to achieve carbon neutrality – but also a huge challenge to implement. There is a lot of room for cooperation.”

Helen is looking for connections with startups in all the areas: Electricity network, electricity, heating, cooling, local energy production, smart buildings, electric traffic, and other new solutions. Urban Tech Helsinki continues to work with Helen to find new solutions for a sustainable energy system. 

Forum Virium

Forum Virium  is the City of Helsinki innovation company, with a goal to make Helsinki as the most functional city in the world. Their smart city projects offer agile piloting possibilities also for startups and cooperation with Urban Tech Helsinki has been active on many fronts. In November, Forum Virium and Metropolia also organized a Digital Twin hackathon with several partners, Urban Tech Helsinki and KIRAHub being among them. 

Late 2022 Urban Tech Helsinki startup Superhood was selected as a partner for Forum Virium’s Sustainable neighborhoods project.  “Working with Forum Virium and the City of Helsinki is a great stepping stone in our global go-to-market”, says Markku Mehtälä, CEO of Superhood. “The support from the Urban Tech Helsinki program has been very important for us”. 

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is a partner in Urban Tech Helsinki project and offers our startups many opportunities. Metropolia’s innovation and student projects and collaboration platforms such as Urban Farm Lab and SmartLab , and extensive networks have been enabling our startups to develop their products further.   

In Metropolia Innovation Hubs, there are five phenomena-based innovation centers: Clean and Sustainable solutions, Smart Mobility, Functional City for People, Data-driven Construction, and Customer-oriented Wellbeing and Health Services. The campuses offer modern facilities for students, companies, and other stakeholders to pilot new ideas. Great examples of facilities, besides Urban Farm Lab and Smart Lab, are Helsinki XR Center, Metropolia Wellbeing and Health Village, and Turbiini Campus Incubator. “Metropolia supports student-led entrepreneurial activities and operates as part of the Helsinki startup ecosystem through the Turbiini Campus Incubator. Turbiini is a pre-incubator where you can test your business idea and develop it further. After participating in Turbiini, there are many possibilities to continue. For example, with the help of Urban Tech Helsinki” says Antti Laurikainen, RDI Manager of Metropolia 

  1. With the help of the Metropolia Big Flash project, Urban Tech Helsinki startup Metagrow has been able to build and test the technology concept in laboratory conditions.  At the same time, they have offered students practical tasks covering different subject areas, according to their study needs. The cooperation with Metropolia has been a consistent development step from the early prototype phase of the technology to the research project and the automated production concept. The successful cooperation continues in the spring, when the scope of the cooperation expands and a new research partner joins the project. “We are particularly satisfied with the time invested by the staff and project teams of Metropolia Myyrmäki’s Urban Farm Lab, as well as the enthusiastic atmosphere”, says Metagrow CEO Jarmo Lehtonen. 
  1. Ekotekt used the Metropolia facilities in Myllypuro campus to create a 3D printed concrete slab as a proof-of-concept. “The staff at Metropolia University understood the challenges that a construction engineering startup like Ekotekt and went an extra-mile to help us complete the prototype within our deadlines. With this help and support, we were able to showcase our product to our potential investors and customers. The Metropolia cooperation helped Ekotekt to achieve a significant milestone”, says Chief Business Officer Dhiraj Khot. 

Mobility Lab Helsinki

Mobility Lab Helsinki is the testbed for smart and digital mobility solutions. City of Helsinki runs the operations in collaboration with the city’s innovation company, Forum Virium Helsinki. The lab offers support in planning and implementing practical experiments in the real urban environment and helps in finding the right stakeholders in the local ecosystem. While all sorts of smart mobility solutions are within the scope, there’s a particular focus on data and versatile use of digital twins for mobility.  

Mobility Lab Helsinki project managers Juho Kostiainen and Janne Rinne invite more startups and other innovative companies and developers to join the testbed.  ”There are still gaps in mobility data and its use. Better awareness of walking and cycling could use novel ideas. Innovative solutions for collecting, analysing, and visualizing the mobility and traffic safety data accessibility in the city are also needed. We support startups solving these challenges by finding the data sources, making connections with traffic planners, city officials, local businesses and the users”. 

The lab also has a test group of people who are willing to try out new solutions and give feedback. Urban Tech Helsinki startup Skipit has just started the pilot project with Mobility lab test users.

We are especially happy about the openness of the mobility lab to work with startups who need a safe place for experimentation. We would like to also thank Urban Tech Helsinki for supporting us in working together with the Mobility lab Conor Clancy, CEO of Skipit

Urban Tech Helsinki call for new startups is open until March 19th. Apply now to benefit from our network of partners! 

Kaisa Ahonen

Project Manager

Ari Seppänen

Business Advisor