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Harvest the winds of change – innovative and sustainable solutions for modern cities

To move toward a more sustainable future, the entrepreneurial mindset is key. It demands innovative ‘citizens’ to recognize the problems and create ideas that can last. Startups as a strong-armed force of innovative and creative risk-takers are leading the way to contribute their effort and help to achieve such a sustainable vision.

At the event Winds of Change on November 16th, Urban Tech Helsinki welcomed important cities’ partners and startups and opened the discussion about the idea of sustainable startups and the role of the ecosystem in supporting these startups. This has actively shed a light on how ‘smart citizens’ can be an extended arm to help modern cities solve varied problems happening around sustainable topics: circular economy, smart mobility around the cities, waste management, green construction, cities’ well-being, or clean energy.

The keynote speech from Pia Henrietta Moon, CEO of Carbo Culture, was a kind touch to all audiences. Pia reminds us of how struggling path all startups experience is when they are starting up, getting the ‘scrambles’ of building a team, asking for funding, and further, securing their own impact vision. Joining an incubator or accelerator was emphasized as a valuable networking source.

Photo: Darren Bratten

Regarding network, the event roundtable with Urban Tech Helsinki’s strategic partners has specifically brought up the discussion. Representatives from the City of Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Metropolia, and AaltoES agree that one of the best benefits for startups to solve modern cities’ problems is the testing opportunity. This can be widely provided throughout a strong and available reach at Urban Tech Helsinki’s program. Network and approaches to testbed platforms are such a world-wild-west that only solid organizations like universities, cities, or ones within this network could offer to startups. Hence, startups who are in the testing phase and looking for funding should consider participating in such valuable incubators as Urban Tech Helsinki, a free and flexible incubator with focal support for sustainable solutions.

Startups joining the first batch of Urban Tech Helsinki’s incubation program are proudly introduced at the event.

Finding the right partner and the right touchpoint are important for startups to accomplish innovative solutions in a sustainable way. Joining Urban Tech Helsinki incubator could accompany in such a journey with a qualified and nutritious network.

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