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New startups in Urban Tech Helsinki!

We are delighted to announce that eleven new companies have joined our incubator program! The program Kickoff Day day brought together the participants onsite at Urban 3, Maria 01. At the kickoff, the startups got introduced not only to the Urban Tech Helsinki 8-week onboarding program and the other startups staring in the program, but also to our close ecosystem.  Marika Paakkala, Head of Aalto Startup Center welcomed the teams to a wider network of research and startup operations in Aalto University and Annica Sigfrids, Head of community at Maria 01, talked about the amazing startup campus and its possibilities for Urban Tech Helsinki startups.


Abau Design creates unique, sustainable furniture for the urban outdoors. Our products are suited for city centres and schools, parks, recreational areas and other public spaces. We collaborate with city planners, design agencies, landscape architects and other creative professionals, helping them turn their visions into reality.

Team from Abau Design at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Abau Design

Betula transforms existing buildings using eco-friendly modular construction and smart sensor-driven software to develop flexible, sustainable, and intelligent spaces. Our approach reduces environmental impact, minimizes waste, and maximizes resource efficiency, fostering data-driven, effective building management and circular economy in the built environment.

Binkiapp, a pre-seed company improving soil’s CO2 absorption using crops as allies. We provide unique insights into soil’s absorption capabilities using satellite and soil microbiological data. Our data-as-a-service offering can be tailored to meet clients’ needs, providing data-only or data coupled with recommendations for soil improvement. Our easy-to-use online platform and scalable sampling system empower clients worldwide to make informed decisions and implement effective climate change mitigation strategies.

Team from Binkiapp at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Binkiapp

Commu is a platform of helping, matching people who want to help with people who need help in neighborhoods. Commu’s mission is to reduce the biggest social catastrophe of our lifetime, loneliness, by making asking for help and giving help easy and safe. Commu app connects private users, nonprofits and company employees to do good together, for example peer-support, talking and chatting and learning new skills and languages together. In Urban Tech Helsinki, we’re developing KotiCommu, which enables safe and easy communications with resident communities in cities.

Team from Commu at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Commu

Clidapt is a climate adaptation platform that helps organizations know climate change risks, identify vulnerabilities in assets and prepare an adaptation plan to be resilient to extreme weather events. We use machine learning models with hundreds of geospatial and socioeconomic datasets to provide climate intelligence that makes you adapt to changing climate.

Team from Clidapt at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Clidapt / Ilu Space

Exaum is accelerating the green energy transition so that the climate crisis can be solved. We make grid balancing affordable and flexible to the transmission system operator to enable large-scale variable renewable energy adoption. A technically advanced team, with top industry knowledge that can deliver reliably. Exaum offers truly affordable and flexible grid balancing using AI-optimized heat-generation based power demand response.

Team from Exaum at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Exaum

HemmaKoti will digitalize housework services purchases online, using artificial intelligence. Rain or snow, HemmaKoti-tailored AI tools are forecasting and automating the sales process. The new work-life requires also new networks to succeed, and we are ready! Our responsibility program celebrates diversity, and one of our goal is to promote the employment of special workers with limited but presice work abilities.

Team from HemmaKoti at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Hemmakoti

Make a BIM is a scalable and easy-to-use method for generating building information models of existing buildings. The solution is targeted at building owners and specialists. The AI is given images of architectural drawings through the website or the API. After a few seconds the user can download the AI generated IFC format building information model (BIM).

Team from Make a BIM at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Make a BIM

REMOTED is a robot vehicle operator. We operate electric and self-driving shuttles and buses to deliver sustainable urban mobility service and superior consumer experience to markets.

Team from REMOTED at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from REMOTED

Spolia Design mission is to build by saving natural recourses. Reuse of building materials is quick and effective way to reduce CO2 emissions. We are developing material reuse from project solution towards to process solution, which makes reuse products the real choice comparing the product made of virgin materials. We are building material reuse to industrial scale business for B-to-B customers but mostly to professional contractors and building owners.

Team from Spolia Design at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Spolia Design

Windaiar creates outdoor augmented reality (AR) experiences. They offer high floor region 3D localization and their mobile apps make it possible for users to scan places themselves on the spot location and add AR content remotely or on the spot.

Team from WIndaiar at Urban Tech Helsinki kickoff
Team from Windaiar