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Photo Credit: Forum Virium Helsinki/ Vesa Laitinen

New startups in Urban Tech Helsinki!

We are delighted to announce that eight new companies have joined our incubator program. The onboarding day at the end of September brought together the participants online and onsite at, Maria 01. On the first day of incubation, the startups got introduced not only to the Urban Tech Helsinki 8-week onboarding program, but also to our close ecosystem. Taina Seitsara brought the greetings of the City of Helsinki. Marika Paakkala, head of Aalto Startup Center (the incubator operator team home base), welcomed the teams to a wider network of research and startup operations in Aalto University. Annica Sigfrids, head of community in Maria 01, talked about the amazing hub of almost 1500 members, consisting of over 150 startups and dozens of investors which have formed in the old hospital area in the center of the city of Helsinki.


Of course the startup members also got to present themselves and hear about each other’s business ideas.  In addition to the presentations, the discussions continued during lunch and coffee breaks. This supports the main idea of Urban Tech Helsinki:  to encourage peer-to-peer learning and support sharing experiences. Networking with also the first batches of the incubator is an integral part of the 8-week period and continues naturally through the whole incubation time.

Other aspects of the program include workshops and group coaching sessions about the most integral parts of startup development tools, for example: communications, business modeling, sustainability&impact, team building and of course pitching and funding. 1on1 coaching meetings with our business advisors with regular checkpoints are the most important part of the process and they continue through the whole incubation process.

The 8-week onboarding period is finalized with an event called Winds of Change in the end of November, where the startups meet our partner network. The agenda consists of discussions over piloting possibilities, as well as research and other co-operation.

Photo: Forum Virium Helsinki/Vesa Laitinen


Arctic Farming is a Finnish AgriTech startup founded by experts in space and deep tech. Our vision to disrupt global food production markets by making vertical farming mainstream. We develop and lease automated vertical farming technologies together with a Farming as a service model for the food and retail industries, enabling our customers to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and berries in their own premises.

Formup aims to revolutionize the way big rental properties are being managed. We do it by automating all property manager companies’ tasks and supporting tenants’ self-management by combining all tenant services within one platform. With this, we can cut up to 70% of time spent on management and increase the satisfaction for the tenants.

IO-dit has developed a new technology of circular sensors that help farmers to take decisions more easily for their crops in relation to irrigation, fertilization and sowing, among others, saving up to 50% water consumption and increasing productivity up to 40%.

Missing-Link builds systems that provides real-time situational awareness.The collected data is used for example: people flow, automation, space usage measurements, social media. Our customers are for example office buildings and  their service providers,restaurants, event sites and universities.

Nelinor manufactures and develops smart energy solutions. The flagship product “Grid Electricity Storage” can bring savings on the bill of 50% and up to 100% for a typical household. Such levels are achieved by capitalizing on the difference between night and day electricity prices. The GES will buy electricity when it is cheapest and sell it back for the highest price. The “profit” made will cover the consumption and other expenses.

Plan T offers affordable greenhouse monitoring systems for urban farmers and smaller scale utilizations. The system measures the main variables that affect the growth of plants and exports the data into user’s cloud, where it can be accessed from anywhere. We are here to make urban farming more efficient and help it become a significant factor in the future of food production by bringing the production closer to people.

Skipit provides a cross boarder digital public transport card to make it easier to pay for public transport in multiple cities across Europe.

Superhood is a neighborhood app for the local ecosystems of people, businesses and cities. Superhood helps people to keep up with and influence the neighborhoods of their interests, while helping local businesses, authorities and organizations to engage with local people. For cities Superhood provides also tools to measure the wellbeing of neighborhoods, and data to help in city planning.

Ari Seppänen

Business Advisor

Kaisa Ahonen

Project Manager