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Open call for startups with a new thematic area!

We are excited to announce that Urban Tech Helsinki’s next call for startups is now open until June 9th, 2024! If you are an early stage entrepreneur aiming to take your urban tech startup to the next level, this is your opportunity to apply for our incubator program. As a renewed thematic area, we are happy to introduce urban greening

Urban greening startups add green spaces and vegetation to urban areas with solutions such as green roofs and urban farming and help increase and maintain the well-being of nature in cities with technologies like soil monitoring. They address many of the challenges that cities face, such as traffic noise, air pollution, urban heat islands and other climate change effects and biodiversity loss, as well as increasing the sense of community and well-being of citizens.  If your early-stage startup works on this, let us know!

In addition to the new thematic area, we are continuously looking for applications from startups working on all our thematic areas in urban tech, such as clean energy, smart mobility, circular economy, urban development, and urban wellbeing.

Since 2021, 53 urban tech startups have started in our incubation program in five batches. Here are some comments on our program from previous participants: 

  • “Kaisa and Ari have done a great job in creating this unique atmosphere, where everyone really supports and encourages each other, where everyone is willing and able to share their business challenges and objectives and give & get feedback. This is quite exceptional, and really makes a difference.” 
  • “I am very happy I got accepted to the program, and overall, I have received a lot of value from participating!” 
  • “Very positive atmosphere and people, it is a privilege to get to know you. And international perspectives are also something very valuable.” 
  • “Thank you for your work and professionalism; it’s been a wonderful and very valuable experience to join the program.” 

Urban Tech Helsinki provides significant value to startups. Here are three main benefits you can expect from our program, and comments how our startups feel about our work: 

  1. Business development coaching: “Individual coaching sessions with were excellent, and the second session even better than the first. Now that the business advisor already knows our business well, he can give feedback and suggest helpful ideas.” 
  1. Peer-to-peer support: “Startup Power Hours were a fantastic way to learn about the other startups, to pitch, and give and get feedback in a very safe and supportive environment. I think the team did a good job building an excellent atmosphere where this was possible.” 
  1. Networking: “Demo Day was well organized, and the attendees were top quality. I made several good connections that may lead to new clients, new verticals and investment.” 

The onboading period of Urban Tech Helsinki batch 6 takes place in Maria 01 from August 21st to October 11th, 2024. We usually have two mandatory workshops per week, Wednesdays and Fridays between 12-14 (full schedule TBA in May here).