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Urban Tech Helsinki is ready for SLUSH wave 2021!

SLUSH 2021 is coming around the corner. Are you ready?

This is the first Slush year at Urban Tech Helsinki and we are ready to join the wave! Coming to SLUSH 2021, you can find us at both Aalto University booth and side events that share sustainable themes. Not only will we greet you with a warm welcome as a new and sustainable incubator in Helsinki, but we will also offer you a chance to have a closer look at our incubation program for the next application batch in Spring 2022.  There are many opportunities for sustainable startups during Slush week, so stay tuned & save the date to meet our team of Urban Tech Helsinki at the below SLUSH events:

Remember that you can always find us on December 1 – 2 at the Aalto University’s Booth!

We wish you a wonderful SLUSH season & hope to see you there at the event!

If you want to meet our team during Slush week, feel free to reach out!

Slush side events about impact and sustainable topics you might be interested too: