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Urban Tech Helsinki is ready to Meet & Mix!

Urban Tech Helsinki has been up and running for over two months with a hectic and insightful program schedule for our 1st batch of startups. Being a startup in the Urban Tech Helsinki program is a great chance to work directly with the cities and the universities, and, especially, have a professional peer-to-peer network with all startup fellows. As mentioned in the welcome news, “…over half of the teams have international backgrounds and almost half have female founders”. This has opened the way to diversity and a thriving communication for exchanged entrepreneurial experiences and, most importantly, a growth mindset to provide clean and sustainable solutions for smart cities.

Our community is growing & we invite you to join us in our journey!

During our current program, networking is one of the key benefits we expect startups to embrace. For this reason, we try to include open discussions with the ecosystem players and Urban Tech Helsinki’s Partner network in every event and workshop for our startups or potential ones to open their discussion and make contacts with relevant people. We aim to build a community with long-lasting benefits that can help startups grow sustainably and contribute smart solutions to our modern cities.

Event purpose

Urban Tech Helsinki: Meet & Mix is our networking event happening every Friday of the month. Each time we gather members of the Urban Tech Helsinki Ecosystem to learn, inspire and discuss the topics of startups and sustainable solutions for modern cities.

This time the event takes place on October 29th, 2021. We will welcome Joni Lehto from NewCo Helsinki to talk about the Smart & Clean ecosystem in the Helsinki Metropolitan area followed by questions and comments and discussion with our Project Manager, Kaisa Ahonen.

Register here to join the event.

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Urban Tech Helsinki is the new incubation program for clean and sustainable urban solutions, for startups that are solving the challenges of modern cities. The 1st batch of startups started their journey in mid-September.