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Urban Tech Helsinki welcomes its second batch of startups!

We are happy to announce that eleven new companies have joined the ranks of our incubator. The onboarding day that happened at the end of March brought together the participants online and onsite at, Maria 01. On the first day of incubation, the startups got introduced not only to the Urban Tech Helsinki 8-week onboarding program, but also to our close ecosystem. Marika Paakkala, head of Aalto Startup Center (the incubator operator team home base), welcomed the teams to a wider network of research and startup operations at Aalto University. Anu Kantola, head of community in Maria 01, talked about the amazing hub of almost 1500 members, consisting of over 150 startups and dozens of investors which have formed in the old hospital area in the centre of the city of Helsinki. The startups got their membership and access tags the same day and were able to benefit from the perks from day one! 

Maybe the most awaited moment was when the startup members got to present themselves and hear about each other’s business ideas.  In addition to the presentations, the discussions continued during lunch and coffee breaks. This supports the main idea of Urban Tech Helsinki:  to encourage peer-to-peer learning and support sharing experiences. Networking with also the first batch of the incubator is an integral part of the 8-week period and continues naturally through the whole incubation time. 

Other aspects of the program include workshops and group coaching sessions about the most integral parts of startup development, for example: communications, business modelling, sustainability impact, team building and of course finance and funding. 1on1 coaching meetings with our business advisors with regular checkpoints are the most important part of the process and they continue through the whole incubation process.  

The 8-week onboarding period is finalized with an event called Winds of Change in the end of May where the startups are presented to our partner network. The startups will be busy with more events in spring such as  Arctic15 where you can meet and participate in our workshop about investment opportunities in Urban Tech. But already before that, you can meet us at the ecosystem Wappurieha party in Maria 01. Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

Anu Kantola, Maria01

Here are the new startups from Batch #2  

100 Thousand Million has a mission to build sustainable cities around the globe. 100TM leverages cost-effective & proven technology and processes to create cities that will consume 1/3 of today’s use of energy and water through passive design and community participation. 

Bloft Design Lab is the leading Finnish developer of large-scale 3D printers. Our speciality lies in technology that enables plastic recycling by additive manufacturing. We want to offer a turn-key solution to increase the value of plastic waste with our novelle upcycling method and thus make its recovery and recycling a profitable business even on a hyper-local level.  

Detectium creates a digital twin for improving the safety and functionality of indoor spaces. Detectium enables very-early detection of fire in industrial facilities using a state-of-the-art sensor package coupled with data analytics, and visualization to mitigate the risk of fire losses. 

Eeneman Ltd offers BEE-Solution, Building Energy Efficiency, that uses the latest AI-technologies to improve energy efficiency in non-residential buildings. Our goal is to help our customers in their journey towards sustainability and carbon neutrality. BEE-Solution can deliver 15% energy savings corresponding 16 000€ per year and a 15% reduction in emissions, solution can shave consumption peaks / redirect consumption to renewable and integrate buildings into the energy flexibility market. 

HeyCharge is the affordable and hassle-free way to add electric vehicle charging to parking garages. With our unique SecureCharge technology we maximize user satisfaction and also optimize unit economics for our customers and partners. 

IOVuo, adds value to the maritime industry by providing hardware and digitalization systems based on Marine Positioning and Piloting Technology. We develop products related to the maritime industry, berthing aid systems, structure monitoring and spm berthing module. We believe in sustainable development and solutions as a driver to help create a safe and livable environment.  

Locia Solutions Oy provides effective digital tools for integrated urban planning processes. Our main product CapaCity is a cloud-based decision support system and a shared collaboration platform for cross-sectoral city planning. It integrates urban planning, real estate management and service operations, creating a shared information environment for the organization. CapaCity replaces static reports with dynamic insights.  

Metagrow engineers advanced distribution systems of water and nutrition for plants. The client sector is urban farming like vertical farming, rooftops, greenhouses and tunnels. Metagrow utilizes an intelligent controlled and gas-powered system with 3D printed nozzle technology. ’Metagrow has started growth dialogues with the plant world’.

Parkly transforms public places with a modular, scalable furniture solution. Together with people, Parkly creates welcoming places that connect communities, add more urban green and realize visions of future cities. Parkly’s modular concept is circular by design: durable, smart and can be used for multiple cycles as a service. Parkly also offers placemaking services and digital tools for planning and visualizing solutions.  

Sanitation360 offers a unique solution that converts urine into a dry-fertilizer, preventing water pollution and enabling easier circular management of wastewater and nutrients. This circular approach protects life in our aquatic ecosystems by decreasing algae blooms, while also building to more sustainable communities as we produce our own local fertilizer.  

Urban Radar helps cities decarbonize urban freight through data-driven planning. Our job is to mitigate the impact of logistics for more livable cities by giving the tools that ease decision making. Urban Radar is currently live in more than 6 countries, working with 10+ municipalities in Europe.