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Welcome our batch 5 startups!

We are more than excited to announce our batch 5 startups, who are going to take part in Urban Tech Helsinki’s spring program. Without hesitation, please welcome eleven teams:

AI IO Ecosystem & Mobilekey Service

A modern digital micro services platform ecosystem which enhances legacy locks, smart locks, keys, nfc/rfid-tags and mobilekeys to one and secure mobilekey which identifies users with strong security.

Casagrande Laboratory

“Our solution is a modular, modifiable, and mobile building system based on CLT cross-laminated solid timber spatial elements that can serve various needs, including sustainable and adaptable healthcare facilities, emergency relief and reconstruction of social infrastructure buildings for the people in the world’s most adverse places.

Our modular system enables quick deployment and efficient replication in challenging environments. Our innovative solution provides circularity and long-life cycles. Once a modular building is no more needed as a healthcare facility, it can be quickly removed and assembled somewhere else as a kindergarten, school, or a home.”

CF Filtration

CF Filtration Oy is pioneering a new method of producing unique polymer fuel and oil
filters. Introduction of developed by this company polymer fuel filters will enable to achieve
a significant reduction of diesel vehicles emissions, especially major pollutants such as
Particulate Matter (PM2.5/10) up to 80% and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) up to 75%, Carbon
Dioxide (CO2) up to 6%, Carbon Monoxide (CO) up to 20% and Hydrocarbons (HC) up
to 40%.


Filaret is an Estonian startup building a network of collecting and upcycling cigarette butts into new materials (innovative 3D printing filament and bioplastics, handcrafted paper etc).

“We are giving new value to cigarette butt waste while raising awareness on the problems these toxic polluters pose to the environment. 
Our work includes building a network of collecting cigarette butts as we rent and sell our own branded and developed cigarette bins to event organisers, city governments and companies. “


The AI-powered platform for smarter construction.
Ecosystem management, data-driven decisions, proactive communication.


Oinride is leading the charge in transforming the mining industry by seamlessly integrating safety and efficiency into its solutions. “Our flagship product, AutoJoe®, is not only a state-of-the-art, agile six-wheel mobile robot designed for safety in harsh mining environments but also a key player in improving production processes. With a rugged stainless steel build and NASA-inspired suspension, AutoJoe® ensures worker safety while enhancing operational efficiency. Paired with our software, ControlWire®, we provide a comprehensive solution that optimizes fleet management, offers real-time insights, and streamlines the entire production process. Oinride is committed to advancing safety standards and driving increased productivity in the mining sector through innovative robotics and cutting-edge software solutions.”


Pictue revolutionizes photo documentation with its user-friendly and highly efficient app, offering the simplest solution in the market. The application seamlessly archives photos with diverse details, automating the entire archival process and enabling real-time transfer to stakeholders, thus significantly cutting down on manual work hours. With Pictue, the entire visual history of your company is centralized, allowing any image to be instantly accessible within seconds, even from years past. Say goodbye to cumbersome photo management – Pictue ensures a streamlined and accessible repository for all your visual documentation needs.

Preloved Coffee
Preloved Coffee, a pioneering pre-seed startup based in Turku, is dedicated to mitigating the widespread environmental impact of wasted coffee grounds in Finland and globally. We address this challenge by upcycling spent coffee grounds from local coffee shops into a diverse range of premium biomaterials, such as coffee oil, bio-3D printing granules, coffee logs, bio-diesel, textile materials, ceramics, and more. Our innovative B2B model not only promotes responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) but also contributes to climate action (SDG 13) by diverting coffee grounds from landfills, reducing methane emissions, and fostering sustainable practices that align with life on land (SDG 15).


Next generation environmental monitoring – “Our eDNA (environmental DNA) pioneers cutting-edge technology to analyse genetic material shed by organisms in their natural habitats. We provide a cost-effective, fast and sensitive method for cities, municipalities and large industrial companies to conduct mandatory nature surveys and measure biodiversity.”


Rollyy is a Robot-as-a-Service platform, empowering businesses in retail, ecommerce, shops, and hospitality to revolutionize last-mile delivery through the integration of autonomous & Remote-controlled robots


Talozen reduces the carbon output of buildings through optimisation and reduction of energy usage. We offer a turnkey platform for property owners to manage rentals, sales, and community schemes. We then use the building, owner and tenant data to provide energy improvements that can achieve net-zero building status.