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4theDrivers team

4 the Drivers aims to make transition into energy-saving innovative robots and self-driving cars faster

With the advent of new technologies, we get to have better solutions for real problems. However, in order for these new technologies to work as effectively as possible, we sometimes need other technologies.

Today the development of self-driving cars and mobile robots is still going on and these new technologies can become a part of our daily lives in the not-too-distant future.

These vehicles operate on their own most of the time without anyone operating them. However, from time to time they may need assistance from humans. This assistance needs to be done better than with current solutions in an effective, safe, and reliable way.

4 the Drivers aims to create a better solution to this problem with its hand-held manual controllers. Along with these controllers, the company provides accompanying operator services for the drivers of tomorrow, who operate mobile robots and self-driving vehicles.

A great team of professionals with diverse backgrounds

The idea behind 4 the Drivers came from its innovative CEO, Tommi Berg, who used to work in a company making self-driving vehicles. While working in Project Management and leading the autonomous vehicle operator team, he saw the potential for better controllers first hand, and decided to take the leap to start a business out of it.

Now the company is made up of a team of three founders who have corporate, startup, R&D, and business backgrounds from the fields of autonomous driving and electric charging. In addition to this core team, they have hands-on advisors with diverse knowledge in industrial electronics, sales & company leadership.

Aside from providing a brilliant solution to a developing problem, 4 the Drivers is also committed to making the world a more sustainable place. They want to do this by making the transition to energy-saving robotics and autonomous driving faster.

Moreover, they help robotics and self-driving companies get their innovative solutions running smoothly in the real world and at scale. They believe that sustainability comes from more efficient operations and they are committed to providing this in their field.

4 the Drivers’ collaboration with Urban Tech Helsinki program

In 4 the Drivers’ hometown, Helsinki, there is considerable development in terms of autonomous robotics and self-driving solutions. It is likely that we will see fleets of autonomous cars and various kinds of robots in Helsinki in the future. The company aims to support the continuation of piloting new groundbreaking solutions regarding this area here in this city.

As the city has amazing testbeds for piloting different future-oriented endeavors, the company has been looking at piloting opportunities in them.

In order to get better access to opportunities, 4 the Drivers has joined the Urban Tech Helsinki program. The Urban Tech Helsinki program has provided many incredible opportunities including coaching, a great community, connections, and workspaces to the 4 the Drivers’ team. As a result, the company has had a very positive experience with the program.

By 2022, 4 the Drivers will be developing its first product to be ready and shipping to customers. In the long term, it has plans to be tightly coupled with manual control in all areas of semi-autonomous and remotely operated vehicles, for example in aviation and maritime.

In order to make these goals a reality, the company is looking for pre-seed funding and partner companies for piloting its solution in real-world operation. It is interested especially in angel investors with experience or high interest in autonomous driving, app-based cloud solutions, and industrial electronics.

To learn more about 4 the Drivers you can check out, or send an email to

This article is done in collaboration with ArcticStartup.