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Greenele charger

Hidas (Greenele) offers unique vehicle charging solutions and aims to install 100 stations this year

Hidas (formerly Greenele) was founded in 2018 in order to provide electric vehicle charging solutions that are efficient and have high performance levels. It is a Helsinki-based company that aims to make a difference in the charging structure.

Electric vehicles are not a new technology, but took a long time for them to become as popular as they are these days. Since they offer a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuel vehicles, many people today are starting to switch to electric vehicles.

However, in order for this switch to be as smooth and as effortless as possible, we need innovative solutions about how to charge these electric vehicles easily, quickly and in as many places as possible. Because one of the reasons why people keep using fossil fueled cars is that they are more convenient.

But thanks to companies such as Greenele which offer ground-breaking new solutions to make eco-friendly technologies more accessible, we may start to see some change in this area.

Basically, Greenele is a company specialized in electric vehicle charging solutions. The company is currently developing an all-in-one charging station that combines different technologies, which results in beautiful design and seamless performance.

Making electric vehicles more accessible and easier to charge

The story of Greenele begun with an idea. They have decided to make a difference in the charging infrastructure, which currently is not as efficient as it can be. By developing a better infrastructure, it is possible to make electric cars more attractive to the end user.

In order to do that, a competent team was necessary, which is something that this promising company has. According to Greenele, team is everything! And its team made up of young, motivated and highly talented individuals are working hard in accelerating the transition to electric transportation.

As a result of this hard work, they have come up with an innovative idea regarding vehicle charging solutions. Their unique concept of combining Type 2 charging technology with an output power of 3,7 kW, along with key features like metering, billing and load balancing is expected to disrupt current markets.

With this new and ground-breaking technology, Greenele aims to accelerate the growth of electric transportation by making charging electric vehicles easier and more affordable than ever before, making the world a more sustainable place in the process.


As of now, the company is operating in Helsinki and it is planning to collaborate with the City of Helsinki by providing insight and piloting their solutions. Greenele expects that a sufficient and efficient charging network in the city will advance the transition from combustion engines to electric, helping Helsinki become cleaner and more sustainable.

Along with this, the company has joined the Urban Tech Helsinki program, which Greenele had great experience with and learned a lot from. Thanks to the program, the company got networking opportunities as well as insight to grow and create better solutions.

Now the company has bold goals, which is ultimately to create a more sustainable future, but knows how to reach that destination. For 2022 Greenele aims to install 100 electric vehicle charging points using its new technology.

In order to achieve more in their field, the Greenele team needs software developers, finance specialists and wealthy investors who can join them on their mission. You can learn more about the company by visiting its official website at or by watching their pitch video at Kiuas Demo Day.

This article is done in collaboration with ArcticStartup.