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IOVuo’s technology enables safe, sustainable and structured sea transport

IOVuo was formed as an Indonesian startup in 2020 as a part of the R&D team of PT. Gliggy Digital Indonesia and now relocated to Helsinki, Finland as an independent new business under the name IOVuo. It is based on marine positioning and piloting technology providing hardware and system (mobile & web) as an ICT and digitalization systems to add value to the maritime industry. The team includes experienced technology disciplines such as Marine Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & Instrumentation, and their potential customers or target market are in oil & gas terminals, offshore platforms, and commercial and logistics ports.

IOVuo provides marine positioning and piloting software

In 2020, IOVuo started R&D to make berthing aid system products because there was an opportunity in the Asian market. During a year of product development, they were successfully tested in one of the national strategic ports in Indonesia. IOVuo team applied for a startup permit to Business Finland in 2021 with the hope of joining the startup ecosystem in Europe and having an opportunity for entering the market on a global base. Business Finland granted a positive eligibility statement to founders and they got a startup permit to move to Finland.

IOVuo’s innovative product technology includes Portable Berthing Aid System, Single Point Mooring Navigation System, and Structure Health Monitoring. They can provide continuous measurements of berthing and mooring operations at maritime terminals that provide for safe navigation and efficient transport. The technology supports real-time operations and provides alerts concerning imminent failures and longer-term monitoring including risk assessment and maintenance requirements.

Urban Tech Helsinki injects a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem into IOVuo’s mindset on its way to adding value to the maritime industry

Environments and operations are becoming more demanding. Reducing incidents, personnel, and equipment involved in docking and mooring will lower costs and emissions and thus increase sustainability. IOVuo’s commitment to environmental cleanliness and safety is absolute. The startup ensures that its product innovations will provide the upper hand for work safety and environmental protection so as to create operational continuity and sustainability. Therefore, continuous analysis and follow-up will still be carried out regularly in order to maintain cleanliness and sustainability in Finland.

IOVuo joined the Urban Tech Helsinki programme and got a lot of insight after attending several workshops. The programme can assess the IRL level of the startup as well as fine-tune its pitch deck. It has also helped with tuning the basic needs of startups such as the impact of SDG, the value proposition, and the startup financial model. For IOVuo, Helsinki is really great place to test and analyze the readiness of its product. Any feedback will help them to improve the system to achieve more impactful action in Helsinki.

IOVuo is targetting to get the opportunities for research collaboration and partnership with maritime companies or industries in Helsinki to provide pilot testing as product validation, especially for the next product roadmap related to the structure monitoring system and to ease of certifying its product to comply with European regulation. Before the year ends, IOVuo is hoping to get funding for developing commercial versions (industrial grade & certification) and product implementation in several sites, especially the Southeast Asian market before heading to the global market.

IOVuo welcomes everyone willing to support Global Goal based on the impact of Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, fostering innovation, strengthening the means of implementation, and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development. The Global Goals are ambitious, but with great ambition, great things can be achieved.

To learn more about IOVuo, you can visit their website.