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Redesigning Urban Mobility: REMOTED Launches Shared, Self Driving, and Electric Transportation Services

In the field of modern transportation, REMOTED emerges as an interesting new operator, introducing shared, electric and automated urban mobility services. Their primary target groups comprises cities and industrial campuses. 

REMOTED’s mission is simple; to reclaim the streets for the people. According to REMOTED, in practical terms this translates to reduced emissions, fewer accidents, and expanded space for people and green building. Their vision hinges on a fundamental transformation of urban mobility, pivoting from private car ownership towards active mobility, such as walking and cycling, and augmented public transit, complemented by innovations like robotic buses.

Meet the Team: Together On a Shared Mission

The REMOTED team currently comprises 13 individuals, each with diverse expertise in various fields. Safety drivers and project management specialists run the operations, while the business team remains dedicated to seeking fresh growth prospects. 

Their trust in the potential of their business has only grown stronger with the invaluable input from fellow startups and industry professionals, particularly through their active participation in the Business Helsinki community. 

Driving Sustainability in Cities and Communities

REMOTED traces its origins to a commitment to sustainability. The company aligns itself with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including enhanced well-being, the creation of sustainable cities, and reduced consumption. Their firm belief is that by reducing private car usage, citizens will naturally gravitate towards active mobility and public transportation, leading to healthier communities. This paradigm shift also paves the way for expanded green infrastructure and reduces emissions and resource consumption, furthering the cause of sustainable urbanization. 

Future Prospects: From Vision to Reality

REMOTED is now confident to shift towards the pre-commercialisation phase by transitioning from the design and development to active deployment. This phase entails operating a fleet of five vehicles in three Finnish cities, including the establishment of their first fully automated route.  

Looking ahead, REMOTED is ambitious to expand their footprint across European cities. As of now, REMOTED automated mobility service is live in Tampere and Lahti, and will shortly also be launched in Kuopio, Finland. Currently, they are focused on bringing robotic buses to Helsinki, sharing their knowledge of urban transportation with the right stakeholders. To catalyze this vision, REMOTED actively seeks investors, board members and professionals who share their passion for shaping the future of urban mobility. 

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