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100TM is building Earth Cities

100 Thousand Million (100TM) was founded in 2021 in Helsinki by Alberto Scherb the father of two, CEO, and Head of GTD; Jaime Alvarez Gerding the father of two, Head of R&D, Future +; Andro Lindsay the father of two, Head of Sales & Fundraising. and Chris Staggs the father of three, Principal at Aria Touch, Design and Development partner of theirs. They together design and build cities that human-centered, nature focused and sustainable at the core.

At 100TM they introduce themselves as parents first because they are aware of what drives their passion to change the world is their families even though they think their careers are important. Early on as their children came into their lives, they saw the effects of global warming and the consumption levels of our society, and they felt the pressure to not just think, but act and make a real impact in the world.

Considering data related to carbon footprint they found cities to be a major contributor. Also, they looked at migration and how cities would become even more populated very quickly all over the globe. Then they decided to take a leap and reach for something that needs to be done, something that will happen eventually, but it may be too late if we leave it to chance. Their approach is to create cities, sustainable cities that would improve the life of people by leveraging current proven technologies and collective knowledge of our civilization to design sustainable-resilient-diverse cities. Their work is based on six principles that include resilience, sustainability, replicability, proven technology, transparency and diversity.

100TM creates a new standard of living

100TM proposes a new way to build cities that will drastically reduce our carbon footprint and change the way we live on this planet. They founded the company to bring together the collective knowledge and proven technologies of the world, and put them together to create a Framework for Sustainable Cities. This framework will guide the design, construction and operation of what is called Earth Cities.

Earth cities will be human-centered, nature focused and sustainable at the core. They have selected and secured the land for their first Earth City, as well as received initial investment to develop their framework. Their goal is to start a new city every two years in a profitable but highly sustainable manner. They are driven by the mission to create sustainable cities which will directly impact the consumption of electricity and water. From the start, Earth cities will reduce water and energy footprint to ⅓ of today’s standards, with additional positive impacts evolving over time along ecosystem restoration, reduction of the need for motorized transport, facilitating local food production, among other opportunities.

Urban Tech Helsinki’s network provides new perspectives to 100TM on their way to operate cities in a more sustainable manner

100TM joined the Urban Tech Helsinki program in which everyone is open to help and give guidance, recommendations and suggestions. With the help of he program, they have met companies and founders that have the right mindset of pushing the limits of their conceptions of what is possible today. They’ve also benefitted from the access to Aalto Startup Center and Maria01 and one-to-one coaching session as well as the workshops with the very experienced advisors.

As their business grows internationally, 100TM’s roots will still be in Helsinki, They want to establish a partnership with the city of Helsinki in two aspects. First one is to identify and transfer the know-how about governance, citizen participation, inclusion and diversity criteria, and many other dimensions. Secondly, they are willing to work together to host a global prize competition for the non-technical design options for new neighborhoods or cities. This prize would ask participants to imagine a new Earth City and propose innovative ways of arranging education, transport, food production, etc. that will be practical and attractive to citizens. This competition would be targeted to universities worldwide.

Before the year ends, they are planning to close their seed round, develop their 100TM Framework for Sustainable Cities globally and begin the Masterplan for Earth City 001 in Chile. To reach their goals, they are seeking to connect with impact investors not only to seek out funding but more importantly to network with the people who can help them in their mission. They are also actively looking for new partners to join their Partnership Board, that is limited and has access to helping them guide the technological and social aspects of their business. 100TM need more peopleto join them who are passionate about their goal, and they like to meet as many people as possible.

To learn more about 100 Thousand Million, click here to visit their website.