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Abau Design: Crafting Sustainable Urban Outdoor Furniture

Abau Design is a Finnish design company creating unique furniture for the urban outdoors. Established in 2022 and based in Espoo, Finland, the company’s mission is to enable the building of more sustainable environments, and thereby encourage individuals to place more value on their surroundings. All products are designed and manufactured in Finland. The furniture designed by Abau Design combines aesthetics, durability and functionality, as they firmly believe that sustainable and beautiful furniture makes cities, school yards, parks and recreational areas more enjoyable to all citizens. 

Abau Design specializes in small, customized product batches. Their pricing and fast deliveries are based on their design principles, which allow easy modifications to existing product ranges and rapid iterative development of new product designs. The company is actively collaborating with city planners, design agencies, landscape architects and construction companies, helping them turn their visions into reality and meet specific customer demands for customized outdoor products. A large network of production partners enables Abau Design to be flexible with product material selection, including wood, stone, metals, concrete and composites.

Abau Design Team: Key Members Supported by the Extended Team

Key members of the Abau Design team include Ilkka, Jussi , and Ralle. They play specific roles within the company, with Ilkka leading sales and project deliveries, Jussi as a designer, and Ralle supporting the company’s marketing activities. All three of them also take part in product assembly.

In addition to the core team, Abau Design currently employs designers Benjami, Ekaterina, Pekka, and Lauri. Their contributions enable simultaneous design projects for various clients. The extended team also includes key partners with expertise in steel products, timber, carpentry, concrete and stonework, and construction.

Committed to Make a Positive Impact by Sustainable Design

Abau Design is committed to various Sustainable Development Goals, but especially to ”Sustainable Cities and Communities” and ”Responsible Consumption and Production”. Their aim is to create lovable products with long life cycles, develop more sustainable production processes and utilize more sustainable materials. 

The company provides city planners, landscape designers, architects and clients access to furniture customized for their specific needs. Through their operating model and expertise, the customisation – and a more sustainable choice of furniture, is cost efficient for all clients, and not just the ones with a big budget. 

Heading to the Future with Growing Product Portfolio

So far Abau Design’s journey has been exciting and fast paced, with lots of learning. Ongoing product development efforts are aimed at improving and expanding the product portfolio to match the diverse and changing needs of cities. This includes testing new materials and furniture models, and constantly looking for fresh new ideas. 

The company aims for organic, profitable growth, while building the team and expanding the partner network. In the near future, Abau Design may also be looking for investors to support business expansion outside of Finland. 

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