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Avaa revolutionizes the property management work

Avaa is designed to provide modern collaborative property management and process automation.

It is realized that there is not a system suitable for the needs of modern property process management, property data management and building user digital services in the market, and efforts are made to establish an urban technology initiative.

Avaa (formally Avaa Solutions Oy), the next generation property management platform, was founded in Vaasa, Finland in 2020. The company is revolutionizing how residential buildings and portfolios are managed and how building digital services are consumed by building users.

The company’s mission includes professional property management tools that automate these creative processes and enable efficient data use. In addition to professional tools, it covers the necessary digital services to enable building users to lead a smooth daily life in multi-dwelling buildings, apartments and the like. Building user services are seamlessly integrated into property management tools.

With building data management centralized, with data-driven factors that offer great opportunities for energy optimization, making building management more efficient and convenient, reducing building management costs and increasing transparency in building management and financial matters, the company is committed to making the world a more sustainable place. it also gives.

The company also works for a clean and sustainable Helsinki. Providing comprehensive solutions for efficient residential property management, transforming housing data into insights that can be used to make a cleaner and more sustainable city, the organization aims to integrate other building services into a single platform for use by property managers and property users.

avaa’s collaboration with Helsinki

At the same time, the company, which had a good experience in the Urban Tech Helsinki program, plans to partner with the Municipality of Helsinki. The company also states that they are looking for new target buildings and organizations to be managed.

The company’s future goals are to disseminate the knowledge of efficient property management to property managers, residents and homeowners while increasing sales at the same time. Seeing great potential globally to provide efficient property management and seamless building digital services for building users, the community says their goal is to expand operations in the future. Property management has local differences in each country, but the underlying processes have similarities and Avaa can overcome local distortions.
To expand this mission, capabilities, investors or partners are preloaded so far. The company, which plans to organize a financing round to accelerate commercialization in the future, is also hunting for talent for industry-informed investors and commercialization activities.

This article is done in collaboration with ArcticStartup.