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Detectium provides a superior tool for fire risk mitigation

Detectium was founded in Espoo, Finland in 2021 to reduce casualties from industrial fires through digital twinning technology and hi-tech sensors. Detectium can detect fire much faster than the existing solutions. They use data fusion in a digital twin setup to enable early and accurate detection of fire in indoor and outdoor spaces. The company is supported by EIT Digital innovation activity with funding of €260K. They also applied to Urban Tech Helsinki for increased visibility and to find additional customers.

The team consists of three co-founders and two collaborating companies. Siavash Khajavi, the CEO and CMO of the company is a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in the field of digital twins and with highly regarded research in the academic community. Adriaan Knapen is the CTO of the company with extensive experience in cloud implementation and SaaS solutions. Adriaan holds a master’s degree from Aalto University. Alberto Xamin is the COO of the company with an extensive body of work in the fields of 3D visualization and data fusion.

Detectium enables ultra-early detection of fire

Considering how fire is an increasingly important risk factor in today’s world, Detectium addresses problems in the fire detection process and offers its solutions enabled by digital twinning.

Conventional fire detection systems solely rely on thermal cameras or smoke detectors, limiting their ability to detect fires early enough to mitigate the risk of propagation. The biggest shortcoming of these systems is related to the fire detection speed. A smoke detector won’t detect the fire until there is enough smoke in the environment to reach the sensor. It might be already quite late to effectively extinguish the fire and prevent the consequent damages. The other issue with the current solutions is related to the lack of data analytics as the sensor output cannot be extracted by other systems and therefore an accurate fire size measurement and fire localization are not possible.

Detectium enables the early detection of fire in industrial facilities. They combine real-time 3D visualization with advanced sensors and data analytics to create a digital twin solution for companies, which enables them to detect the fire earlier and more accurate than the current solution while also allowing them to use the historical fire data to mitigate the risk of fire.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of physical objects in real-time. The solution consists of hardware and software components, including UV and Infrared sensors, 3D model visualization, and analytics based on collected data to improve fire safety.

Urban Tech Helsinki helps Detectium improve its visibility

Detectium joined the program of Urban Tech Helsinki where the advisors are very helpful and the network of startups is also very good for knowledge transfer. They benefited from the access to professional advice along with all necessary resources to grow their business and gain more visibility.

As to Detectium, mitigating the risk of fire leads to more sustainable life on planet earth. With increased safety for the indoor and outdoor environments, they contribute to a clean and sustainable Helsinki. They have already offered their service to the Urban Tech Helsinki and City of Helsinki representatives for them to assess the suitability of their novel and affordable solution for the city spaces.

By the end of 2022, Detectium is hoping to meet its first customer and raise funding to become a global player in the fire detection segment and digitalization of this sector. They are also looking for skilled and motivated marketing team members to join them to make this possible.

To learn more about Detectium, you can visit their website.