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Helsinki-Based Tech Startup Make a BIM Harnesses AI to Revolutionize Building Information Models 

Helsinki, Finland – in the year 2023, a technology start-up Make a BIM has emerged, dedicated to leveraging AI for the creation of Building Information Models (BIMs) from architectural drawings. This innovative company is driven by a mission to create scalable digital representations of existing structures, all in pursuit of more sustainable built environments. Central to their vision is the firm belief that data plays a pivotal role in the reduction of carbon emissions and waste.

In the European Union, buildings are currently responsible for 40% of total energy consumption, while construction and demolition sites generate a substantial 37,5% of all waste. Make a BIM’s solution lies in producing scalable digital depictions of pre-existing structures, thereby bolstering environmental sustainability. BIM, an acronym for Building Information Model, comprises a 3D representation of buildings enriched with vital data on materials and dimensions linked to each structural element. 

The Make a BIM service, upon its launch, will be accessible via an API and an interactive website. Users will be able to effortlessly upload architectural image files to the website, with AI automating the creation of BIMs in the industry-standard IFC format. The service, currently undergoing meticulous testing in a developmental environment, will then enable users to access and procure the generated BIM files.

The Winning Trio United By a Shared Interest in Coding

The co-founding team behind Make a BIM is a dynamic trio united through a shared interest in coding and a track record of triumphing in numerous hackathons. The team comprises architect Leo Salomaa, mathematician Jami Valorinta, and computer scientist Ville-Matti Tanninen, all of whom have been creating AI solutions dating back to 2018. 

From clinching victories in hackathons to developing solutions for prominent companies like Nokia, the team’s journey has culminated in the formation of Make a BIM. Now, after evolving the concept, the company is delivering models to Heka, a major property management company owned by the City of Helsinki. 

Promoting Sustainability through Building Information Modeling 

The BIMs provided by Make a BIM are tailored for energy-efficient renovation projects featuring multi-objective optimization. This approach involves ranking and calculating the most ecological and cost-effective renovation actions. For instance, BIMs can be used to examine the necessity of window replacement, roof insulation, or the installation of geothermal heating systems in specific buildings. 

Make a BIM firmly believes that the data they offer can convince cities and businesses to make environmentally conscious decisions and implement sustainable actions. Moreover, the solution’s objective is to identify areas where energy efficiency could be improved. In terms of measuring sustainability efforts, the team currently tracks structures influenced by their services. As an integral component of a broader renovation ecosystem, their solution could potentially yield energy consumption reductions of up to 40%. In the case of Heka, for instance, such an achievement would correspond to the carbon footprint of approximately 40 000 individuals.

Future Outlook: Launching the Solution and Expanding Operations

In the immediate future, Make a BIM has set its sights on securing pre-seed funding and piloting the Make a BIM solution on an international scale. Concurrently, the company is devising plans to make the solution accessible via their website, utilizing a drag-and-drop interface, as well as through an API.

In their pursuit of innovation and growth, Make a BIM is actively seeking new talents to join them on their mission to reshape the future of sustainable built environments. 

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