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Ilu Space: Innovative Climate Solutions for a Resilient Future

Founded in 2021 in Helsinki, Finland, Ilu Space is a forward-thinking startup dedicated to advancing climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions. Their mission is to equip businesses and governments with cutting-edge climate intelligence tools, enabling them to monitor their climate impact, work towards achieving net-zero emissions, and strategically plan climate adaptation activities.

With the Clidapt platform at its core, Ilu Space empowers entities to comprehensively comprehend and effectively address the escalating threats posed by climate change, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability.

Meet the Team: Experienced Professionals United for a Cause

The dynamic duo behind Ilu Space comprises two industry professionals, Sunil Singh and Shweta Singh, who bring complementary skill sets to the table. With over 15 years of entrepreneurial expertise in startups, technology, and software product development, Sunil spearheads product management and shapes the company’s strategic direction. On the other hand, Shweta leverages her versatile background in sales, marketing, and account management with over 13 years of experience to fuel the company’s growth.

Transforming Words into Resilient Actions

Like many others, the Ilu Space entrepreneurs share concerns regarding climate change. Their dedication culminated in the establishment of the Clidapt platform, a solution that assists organizations in adapting to the evolving climate landscape. Sustainability lies at the heart of their enterprise, guiding their every move.

“A warmer climate is now inevitable. To build resilience is imperative. We must adapt our cities, businesses, and assets to withstand extreme climate events such as floods, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts, storms, and rising sea levels,” assert the Clidapt entrepreneurs. 

As urbanization continues to surge globally, complexities surrounding urban planning, infrastructure, and sustainability become more pronounced. Cities, with their dense populations and infrastructure, face the frontline consequences of global warming. Recognizing the urgency, Ilu Space is committed to crafting solutions that enhance urban adaptability and resilience in the face of these challenges. 

Their vision for a sustainable Helsinki is anchored in creating an urban landscape that harmonizes with climate change’s challenges. By collaborating with local stakeholders, they aim to transform Helsinki’s urban infrastructure; using their solutions in carbon neutrality, climate risks and adaptation strategies.

Ambitious Environmental Goals: A Global Expansion on the Horizon

In 2023, Ilu Space’s primary goal is to secure initial customers, particularly in sectors crucial to their mission, including real estate, insurance, and urban planning. But their vision extends far beyond the close of 2023. With an initial foothold in Europe, their next target is expansion into North America and Asia.

Product development remains at the core of their long-term strategy. They envision their platform evolving to incorporate features to help organizations in tackling climate change, including climate risks analysis, vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning. Ilu Space is determined to not just participate but lead the way in the realm of climate adaptation technology, playing a significant role in global resilience-building against the imminent challenge of climate change.

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