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Komu Homes enhances tenant experience in residental property management

Helsinki-based startup Komu Homes was founded in 2021 in Helsinki to provide an all-in-one service that aims to enhance the world-class tenant experience in residential property management. The app offers various features such as messaging tools to communicate with property managers, automated rent payment processing, reporting and tracking maintenance requests, and booking common areas for events. With the app, tenants have access to everything they need, making their living experience more convenient, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

The Komu Homes team is passionate about providing better solutions to the real estate industry. The team consists of 10 professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in the real estate industry, startups, accelerations, and entrepreneurship societies. The core team is further supported by over 10 investors with backgrounds in PropTech, property management, and being founders and leaders. 

Komu Homes’ founders Roni and Elias noticed a significant gap in the industry when it comes to tenant experience and decided to fill it with their innovative solution. The team is continuously striving to provide the best service and experience for tenants and property managers alike.

The decision to establish an urban tech startup was influenced by two primary factors that the Komu Homes team identified. Firstly, the real estate industry was lagging behind in terms of digital development, with many processes still being handled with pen and paper. Secondly, the industry is complex, with multiple stakeholders on every level of functionality. The team realized that they could make a significant impact on the industry by digitizing areas that are still done manually and gaining better knowledge of the overall industry.

Property managers often lack the time to focus on tenant experience, which is crucial in today’s rental market. As a result, Komu Homes developed an app that streamlines the tenant-related process, making it easier for tenants to obtain the necessary information, reserve community spaces, pay rent, and get in touch with the right people. The app’s streamlined approach increases tenant satisfaction and happiness, which, in turn, benefits the property managers’ bottom line by fostering better and longer relationships with their tenants.

Creating a world-class tenant experience in Helsinki 

Komu Homes recognizes the importance of sustainability in the property management industry and is determined to play a role in creating a more sustainable future. While companies in the industry have taken action to create more sustainable homes, such as investing in more sustainable heating systems and recycling, there is still a need to affect residents’ behavior when it comes to electric or water usage. This is where Komu Homes comes in.

Komu Homes’ solution is to show residents their consumption statistics and nudge them to make the right decisions based on their behavior. This approach is a highly scalable way of lowering the usage of basic consumption by residents. By empowering residents to make more informed choices about their energy consumption, the company believes it can make a significant impact on sustainability.

The startup is still in the process of building and piloting its product, making it difficult to give out accurate numbers on the impact on sustainability. However, once the company has gained a significant number of users, it plans to measure the difference in how much people have lowered their basic consumption via Komu Homes’ recommendations.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Komu Homes is also committed to making tenants’ lives easier and happier in rental houses. Through its all-in-one service, tenants can use the app to reserve community spaces, get relevant information, pay rent, and get in touch with the right people. This streamlines the process significantly more efficient and aims to remove the hassle between the tenant and the property manager.

Overall, Komu Homes’ commitment to sustainability and improving the tenant experience shows its impact on Helsinki. By making residential property management more sustainable and efficient, the company is helping to create a better and more livable city for all its residents.

Komu Homes leverages Urban Tech Helsinki program to enhance rental living technology

Komu Homes is a company with a clear vision: to empower tenants so they can focus solely on the things that matter to them, while the company handles the hassle of rental living. The company aims to achieve this by piloting its product with the City of Helsinki, although the collaboration has not yet been approved. They are pushing forward to get the project started.

Komu Homes is part of the Urban Tech Helsinki program, which has been very helpful to them. The program has provided them with important insights into how cities function, helped them to make the right connections and taught them about entrepreneurship. They have been able to attend workshops and sparring sessions, which have given them the knowledge they need to succeed.

The most useful thing that Komu Homes has gained from the program is a better understanding of how cities work. They have been able to connect with the right people, attend important workshops, and learn about entrepreneurship. This has been a valuable experience for their team members and has helped them to develop a better strategy for their company.

In 2023, Komu Homes aims to complete a comprehensive case study about their pilot project, which will show how they have increased tenant satisfaction and affected the property manager’s bottom line. They also want to raise brand awareness and expand their product into new markets.

Komu Homes is looking for experienced investors, advisors, and partners who can help them expand their knowledge in the real estate industry. They are also seeking residential property management companies to join the pilot with their product and IoT device partners who have created open integration API’s in their systems. Finally, they are looking for new software engineers and sales talent to join their mission of creating a world-class tenant experience.

If you want to learn more about Komu Homes, you can visit their website here.