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Spatial Anchor: Redefining Outdoor AR with Tag the World Platform

Spatial Anchor is an innovative deep tech company specializing in 3D outdoor augmented reality (AR) experiences within urban environments. Through their Tag the World platform, their mission is to cultivate a community-driven ecosystem by seamlessly integrating digital content into the physical world. 

Tag the World is a versatile platform for creating and sharing AR content, both publicly and privately. The platform supports content from 2D text and images to 3D objects, accessible via AR-enabled devices such as smartphones and potentially AR goggles. Adding new AR content and locations is a snap, thanks to an intuitive interface and on-the-spot content creation capability. Spatial Anchor’s technology ensures precise spatial recognition through location-filtered patterns, with an up-to-date user-generated mapping database. It can operate independently or complement other VPS platforms and works offline as well.

The platform’s adaptability extends to public and private use, offering limitless possibilities, from private navigation to business promotion. Spatial Anchor actively encourages collaboration with content creators, museums, artists, public transportation entities, and more, thereby enriching the collaborative ecosystem. While content viewing and publishing remain free, advertising offers monetization possibilities, with flexible pricing options. 

Meet the Team: Diverse Expertise Driving Innovation

The Spatial Anchor team comprises professionals from diverse fields, including Computer Vision, AI, ML, HCI, AR, XR, real estate and mobile cloud computing. Additionally, the team possesses business development and entrepreneurial expertise, while their roots are in scientific research.

 According to the team, there is currently no widely adopted social AR platform that effectively supports the creation and sharing of visual digital content in real-world locations, despite the promise of outdoor AR. This very brainstorming led to the creation of their startup.

Sustainability Commitment: Harnessing AR for Eco-Awareness

Spatial Anchor promotes sustainability, envisioning its platform as a powerful tool for eco-awareness and education. For instance, the platform could display a building’s energy consumption or simulate virtual plant’s growth based on real-time recycling statistics in a given city area. 

Future endeavors: Expansion and Investor Opportunities

Spatial Anchor team explores collaborations with the City of Helsinki, spanning interactive advertising, AR-powered city exploration, sustainability education, and more. The participation in the Urban Tech Helsinki program has been highly positive and the team warmly endorses others to join. The support offered by the Urban Tech Helsinki community in terms of contacts, events and marketing has been invaluable in their entrepreneurial journey.

Looking ahead, Spatial Anchor plans to expand its team, secure funding and upgrade Tag the World. They are actively seeking investors interested in community-driven or consumer-focused start-ups, as well as those with a passion for consumer tech and platforms.


Spatial Anchor in a nutshell (could be displayed with graphic elements)

Established: in 2023 in Helsinki, Finland
Solution: Tag the World, a platform designed for creating and sharing AR content.

Mission: To create a community-driven ecosystem by seamlessly integrating digital content into the physical world through their AR-powered Tag the World platform.

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