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Blokgarden aims to conquer urban farming in 2022 with smart solutions

Blokgarden is a Finnish company which has been founded in 2020. It is a Tampere-based company that aims to help people grow food in an urban environment.

They provide hardware as well as many other tools for urban plant growers. For example, Blokgarden offers readymade growboxes that make urban farming as simple as following a few simple instructions. Also, they provide seedlings that help people who want to grow plants in an urban setting do it much more easily.

Moreover, the company helps its plant growers achieve great crops in an easier manner by providing them with instructions and tasks for their plants through an app.

Urban plant growing is a quite popular endeavour and it is getting more popular over time. Not only do indoor plants provide food for growers in small batches, but they also offer incredible design options for homes. Therefore, people who grow plants in urban environments create a decent market for developments in this area.

People who grow food in their homes need tools and methods to make this process easier and better in many other ways. Blokgarden helps such people with the products and services it offers.

A team of gardeners with business experience dedicated to helping urban farmers

While urban farmers and amateur plant growers need a lot of help in many ways, it took people with the same kind of interest to understand the difficulties in this area. So, the brilliant minds behind Blokgarden are people who are interested in urban farming as well, just like the people they are helping right now.

The team of Blokgarden is made up of seven people, who are gardeners with business skills in many different areas. All of them have a great passion for growing food. As a result of this, they felt that there is an opportunity to help other urban farmers and make a business out of it.

As the company supports urban farmers in this endeavor, it also aims to make the world a more sustainable place as well. According to Blokgarden, traditional agriculture has reached its peak and crop amounts are not growing. In fact, factors like climate change, droughtiness, and soil erosion have been making many areas non-arable in the last two decades.

Urban food production and new cultivation techniques may be the answer to feeding our growing population. The company aims to enable people and communities for uncentralized farming. In this way, it offers a more sustainable solution to the growing global need for food.

Blokgarden and its collaboration with the Urban Tech program

In the future, the company may bring great solutions to problems that we face in urban food production. Right now, however, it is mainly focused on creating a change in its immediate environment. For example, Blokgarden can gray areas in Helsinki to green and bring food production where people are. Therefore it can help Helsinki become cleaner and more sustainable.

Moreover, the company hopes to get support from the City of Helsinki for setting up its gardens around the city and parks. Besides the company has joined the Urban Tech Helsinki program and has found the program to be very useful and inspiring for developing its concept.

Among many other things regarding support for the company, UTH has given the team perspective and connections that take them further. Also, the people in the program motivated the team to take their project to another level.

For 2022, Blokgarden aims to double its turnover to €150K and to put its community gardening concept to practice. In order to achieve this, the company is looking for people who understand the current state of food production and want to contribute to making the future a brighter one. If you want to learn more about this promising company, you can check out its website at

This article is done in collaboration with ArcticStartup.