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Plan T empowers sustainable urban farming for a greener future with innovative monitoring

Plan T Oy is an urban tech startup based in Helsinki, established in 2021, that offers affordable greenhouse monitoring systems for urban indoor farming. The company’s mission is to make urban farming more efficient and help it become a bigger factor in the future of food production. The solution measures the main variables that affect the growth of plants and exports the data into the user’s cloud, enabling access from anywhere.

Plan T is on a mission to help urban farmers optimize their crop yields. By measuring the key variables that affect plant growth, the technology generates vital data that can be accessed from the user’s cloud, allowing farmers to monitor their crops from anywhere. The team’s mission is not only to improve the future of food production but also to promote the use of sustainable and eco-friendly technologies. With their passion and expertise, they are determined to create a greener future for all.

The company’s dynamic team is made up of three engineers, each with their own specialization in energy and environmental engineering. With a strong technical background and an entrepreneurial mindset, they are committed to making a positive impact on the world by promoting sustainable and efficient urban farming practices.

Plan T Oy’s journey began with a school project, where they developed a measuring system for their school’s urban farming lab during their first year of engineering studies. Two years later, after successfully selling two devices to the same urban farming lab, they established the company. Since then, they have been exploring new piloting opportunities and gaining invaluable business knowledge through incubators.

Plan T Greenhouse Monitoring System

Switch from plan B to PLAN T

Plan T Oy is committed to making the world a more sustainable place by addressing the challenges of food production and promoting a vegetable-based diet. With the global population projected to exceed 10 billion by 2050, and the vegetated land area decreasing due to the climate crisis, Plan T is in a key role as an enabler, providing affordable monitoring systems that optimize urban farming efficiency.

Through their innovative monitoring system, Plan T Oy is contributing to a more sustainable future by ensuring there is enough food for the growing population in cities. By endorsing a vegetable-based diet through their device, the company is also advocating for healthier and more environmentally friendly food choices.

Plan T Oy’s monitoring systems are helping to bring food production closer to people and cities. By making production more visible, the company is promoting a better understanding of how food is grown and where it comes from. In terms of their impact on Helsinki specifically, this helps to promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to food production in the city. As a small startup, Plan T Oy is still in the process of developing methods to measure their impact on sustainability. However, the company is committed to exploring ways to monitor and report on its contributions to creating a more sustainable world. 

Plan T Oy’s motto, “Switch from Plan B to PLAN T,” perfectly encapsulates the company’s vision to provide sustainable urban farming solutions. By offering affordable and smart monitoring systems, the company is actively promoting eco-friendly practices and contributing to a more sustainable future for food production. Their motto, which encourages people to embrace “PLAN T” and move beyond unsustainable “Plan B” solutions, is a natural extension of their mission to create a greener world through innovative and sustainable farming practices.

Urban Tech Helsinki Program is a valuable resource for Plan T’s growth and development

Plan T is looking to collaborate with the University of Helsinki and the City of Helsinki to pilot their next prototype in an environment suitable for urban indoor farming. The company’s mission is to make urban farming more efficient, affordable, and sustainable for the growing population in cities. They offer affordable greenhouse monitoring systems that measure the main variables that affect plant growth and export the data to the user’s cloud, where it can be accessed from anywhere.

Through their participation in the Urban Tech Helsinki program, Plan T Oy has gained valuable information and business advice from other startups, which has helped them expand their network and strengthen their business acumen. The program has also enabled them to seek feedback from different operators and experts in urban farming-related fields before finalizing their prototype development plan and piloting.

Looking ahead to 2023, Plan T Oy plans to implement its improved prototype in a predictably successful pilot and raise funding for production. To achieve this goal, they are seeking talent and partners in botany/agriculture, automation, and the actual farming and plant-related industries. The company has strong technical competencies, but they need more connections to the actual farming and plant-related industries to further develop its product and expand its business.

Overall, Plan T Oy’s commitment to making urban farming more sustainable, efficient, and affordable aligns with the City of Helsinki’s goals for a cleaner and more sustainable city. Through collaboration with the University of Helsinki and the City of Helsinki, Plan T Oy hopes to create a more sustainable future for urban farming and food production.

To learn more about Plan T, click here to visit their website.