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The Soil Solution: Transforming Soil Restoration with Data-Driven Approach

The Soil Solution’s software is designed to furnish their clients with information on soil status in various locations, including data on its CO2 absorption capacity. Moreover, they will devise bespoke soil restoration and maintenance plans, informed by the unique conditions for each area. 

Founded in Helsinki in 2021 the company’s engineering system intertwines soil microbiology with climate data. This approach aims to rejuvenate and conserve our planet’s soil. Company’s system is equipped with a hardware that facilitates rapid and efficient soil sampling. This allows the company to generate invaluable data on soil microbiology, and to comprehend how it reacts to extreme weather events and evolving climate change scenarios.

In a world where environmental concerns are at the forefront, The Soil Solution is making waves with its groundbreaking approach to soil rejuvenation. Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2021, this tech-savvy company is on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive and treat our planet’s soil.

Founders Driven by Science and Environmental Passion

The Soil Solution’s founders, Gaelle Thomas, an environmental engineer and microbiology student, and Camila Gallo, a geographer and geoinformatics engineering student, share a strong commitment to science and environmental conservation. 

Gaelle and Camila have identified the immense potential within cities to generate local food supply. By tapping into this, they can decrease dependence on long-distance food transportation and its accompanying carbon emissions, thereby simultaneously fostering urban sustainability, food security, and resilience in the face of climate change.

Pursuing High Environmental Impact

The Soil Solution’s initiative is wholly centered around making a positive impact. Recently they had their impact evaluated by an external enterprise and got classified within the “High Impact” category. 

They’re firmly dedicated to the restoration of soils and the preservation of biodiversity, aiming to foster a safe, resilient environment. Company’s vision harnesses the principles of sustainability, taking meaningful strides to ensure that future generations inherit a thriving planet. 

Future Aims: Emphasizing the Significance of Soil Rejuvenation

The Soil Solution is currently involved in a pilot project with an urban farm in Malmi. Additionally, discussions with Forum Virium for potential future collaborations are ongoing. Their choice of Helsinki as a testbed city underscores its global recognition for environmental responsibility.

In the near future The Soil Solution’s attention remains firmly on developing the technology and scientific foundation that underpins their product. Their success hinges on the effectiveness of the data production, enabling them to deliver high-quality results and craft truly effective soil restoration plans. 

As the company continues to grow, the primary goal remains anchored in underlining the critical importance of soil rejuvenation, striving to bring this crucial environmental issue to the fore. To reach this goal, Camila and Gaelle are open to partnerships from scientists in any field who can contribute to our project, as well as angel investors eager to pioneer innovations in sustainability. 

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