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HemmaKoti: A Bridge to a More Independent Life 

In a world where aging gracefully is the new mantra, HemmaKoti has emerged as a ray of hope for seniors looking to cherish their independence while getting a helping hand. Founded in Lahti, Finland back in 2020, HemmaKoti is a digital marketplace where care providers and individuals in need of assistance come together. Their primary focus is to empower senior citizens, particularly older women living on their own, to enjoy life on their own terms.

Let’s face it; finding trustworthy help can be challenging. But HemmaKoti steps in to make the quest for assistance not just hassle-free but also heartwarming. Testimonials from the clients say it all: HemmaKoti’s service is not just efficient; it’s friendly, just like a neighbor lending a hand.

Furthermore, HemmaKoti aims to foster employment opportunities for young talents, including students and sports teams. Beyond that, the company is committed to being a pivotal force in integrating special needs adults into the workforce, while  actively collaborating with foundations and special needs education facilities to pursue this shared goal.

A Heartwarming Beginning 

The roots of HemmaKoti trace back to Marika Pendolin’s childhood. Her grandmother was her rock, her confidante. Now, at the age of 90, her grandmother sometimes admits she needs a bit of help. And it’s Marika’s turn to return the favor.

Inspired by her beloved grandmother, Marika and her team at HemmaKoti are on a mission to be there for everyone who wishes to continue living in the comfort of their own homes. After all, the world is aging, and with age comes the need for a little extra support. HemmaKoti understands that it’s not just about the home; it’s about going out to see the doctor, dentist, strolling in the park, or indulging in some retail therapy. HemmaKoti connects these individuals with the right caregivers.

With a team of experts in hospitality, technology, leadership, marketing, and communication, Marika knows that success goes beyond a brilliant idea. It’s about hard work, dedication, and an unshakable commitment to making a real difference.

The Journey Ahead: From HemmaKoti App to Scandinavia

HemmaKoti’s journey is already off to a fantastic start and their participation in the UrbanTech Helsinki program has opened new doors. In the Future, their aim is to create job opportunities for individuals with unique skills and abilities. The company has already taken strides in this direction with a collaboration with the ice hockey team Pelicans in Lahti.

But HemmaKoti has bigger dreams and a clear roadmap. They’re currently seeking a 500,000 euro investment, with 100,000 euros earmarked for the final proof of their concept in Finland. This proof will cement the longevity of their innovative AI solution, which they affectionately call their “marketing staff.”

Their next milestone is to launch the HemmaKoti app, and from there, they’re all set to explore the Scandinavian market. Market research will guide their path, helping them select the first Scandinavian country to grace with their transformative services in 2024. HemmaKoti also envisions their unique service niche making waves in the US East Coast market.

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