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Boosting Urban Development and Our Sixth Call – May Newsletter

This month, we are focusing on urban development and emerging topics in the thematic area. 

Urban development covers most sustainable city development, for example, planning, design, construction, and urban management. It involves the creation of infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings, transportation systems, and public spaces to support the growth and sustainability of cities and towns. Urban development also focuses on promoting economic growth, social equity, environmental sustainability, and improving the overall quality of life for residents within urban areas. 

Many of our 52 startups have been working under the thematic area of urban development during the past three years. Make A BIM uses AI to automatically create building information models from architectural drawings. Locia Solutions has a cloud SaaS tool for anticipatory planning and capacity management of city services infrastructure. Clidapt offers climate change adaptation & mitigation solutions. Missing-link’s place-based community portal Renki is a platform connecting residents, local businesses, and community organizations within a specific geographic location. 

Recently our business advisor Ari Seppänen discussed with some of the professionals in the Department of Built Environment at our Aalto University and more interesting topics emerged. Do you have ideas on how to solve these challenges? 

  • How to foster and improve data management by helping AI and machine learning, combine the data of product information, property maintenance, underutilization of facilities and user information?  
  • How to get urban development in line with climate goals by combining urban planning, changes in land use and wood construction? 
  • How to move from Building Information to Process modeling for better management of the design process in construction? 

If your early-stage startup is answering any of these questions or helps increase the efficiency of resource use and carbon storage or reuse in new products, you might be a good match for the Urban Tech Helsinki incubation program! If you want to know more about these themes, you can study the collaboration Aalto University already does with companies, like Building2030 and Smartland. Also, if you are fluent in Finnish, you can watch Ari talking about the theme in KIRAHub’s Urbaanit Visionäärit broadcast live on the 31st of May at 9:30.

For all our startups in any urban tech area, we offer free of charge: 

✨ Memberships in Helsinki’s two main startup hubs Maria 01 and A Grid

✨ Personalized coaching in business development

✨ PR and networking support

✨ Real-world testing opportunities

✨ A great community of problem solvers and change makers

Don’t forget to apply by June 9th here and get all the benefits of our incubation program! 

If you have questions or just want to catch up, our team is also joining the Arctic15 startup conference at the beginning of June. You can read about our startups at the event here. Right before that on June 5th, you will also meet us at the Science Startup Day in Otaniemi, Maria 01 Pitching Day, and our open house event on June 5th. Maria 01 also hosts a community yard party on June 6th. It’s going to be a great week and we hope to meet you! 

More details and the benefits and comments from our previous batches can be found on our website. Or, if you already know you are ready to apply, you can do it through here immediately! 

The Urban Tech Helsinki team.