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Commu: Bridging Communities for a Brighter Tomorrow

Commu is a platform dedicated to fostering connections and providing assistance to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. Established in Tampere in 2022, their mission is to simplify the process of giving and receiving help, both in private and professional settings. 

In addition to private users, Commu serves as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and corporate volunteering tool for businesses and assists non-profit organizations in managing volunteer resources. 

Beyond business, Commu addresses the pervasive and statically increasing issue of loneliness, that touches many in Finland and internationally. As more cities and municipalities adopt the platform, the positive impact on reducing loneliness and enhancing community support has grown. 

Transforming Personal Experiences Into a Driving Force

The Commu team comprises a compact yet efficient trio: Sami Ekmark, Karoliina Kauhanen and Ronnie Nygren. Each team member brings a diverse professional background to the table, but through their own experiences they all share the desire to support those who may feel alone at times.

The founders firmly believe that Commu’s unique combination of business and community engagement positions them to rapidly expand and address societal needs on multiple fronts.

Championing Sustainability: Overall Well-Being at the Heart of the Business

At Commu, the achievement of sustainable development goals is an integral part of their business plan. Founded to combat the rising issue of loneliness, the platform and the team are committed to contributing to overall well-being. Commu fosters social connections, reducing loneliness and promoting mental wellness.  

Commu App encourages businesses to showcase their social sustainability efforts when joining the platform. In partnership with Commu, cities and municipalities gain valuable insights into the specific needs of residents, enabling them to provide essential services, such as parental guidance, immigrant support or youth services in required areas.

Future Collaborations: A Bright Path Ahead

Commu has already formed partnerships with the City of Helsinki and other Helsinki-based organizations. The team is enthusiastic about expanding their collaboration with the city of Helsinki in the future and proud to be part of the Business Helsinki community as a social impact startup. 

In 2023 and beyond, Commu’s objectives are clear: they aim to continue developing and expanding the platform both nationally and internationally. In pursuit of their mission to amplify acts of kindness within communities, they are actively seeking new investors who share their commitment to social impact and sustainability. Additionally, they extend an invitation to cities and welfare leaders to partner with them in enhancing citizen engagement and combating loneliness. 

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